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man Zouche, Alan la, 4th Lord la Zouche X Elena Ela Helen Quincy* ‎± ABT. 1210* of Ashby la Zouche, Leicester, England† ‎ Aug 10, 1270† of North Molton, Devonshire, England
man Zouche, Alan la "Vicomte Porhoet" , Earl of Brittany X Adelicia Belmeis* ‎before BEF. 1133* of Porhoet, Brittany, France† ‎ 1190† of North Molton, Devonshire, England
man Zouche, Alan la "Alan la Zouche" X Orguen Cornuaille* ‎ 999* Bretagne, France† ‎ Jan 7, 1078/79
man Zouche, Alan la "1st Baron la Zouche" , Lord of Ashby X Eleanor Segrave* ‎ Oct 9, 1267* North Molton, Ashby, Leicester, England† ‎ Mar 25, 1314† of Rockingham Castle, Rockingham Forest, England
man Zouche, Alan of Rohan Niger la "'the Black'" , 4th Earl of Richmond 1st & Constance or Bertha of Brittany, 2nd X N.N.* ‎± ABT. 1093* of Penthirose, Brittany† ‎ Sep 15, 1146† of Richmond Castle, Yorkshire, England
woman Zouche, Alice la X William of Harcourt* ‎between 1213 BET., - and * North Molton, Devonshire, England† ‎ 1256† Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire, Engladn
woman Zouche, Eleanor la & John VII Lovell* ‎± ABT. 1375* Harringworth, Northamptionshire, England† ‎after AFT. 1467† Polebrook, Northamptonshire, England
woman Zouche, Eleanor of Mohaut la X John of Harcourt* ‎± ABT. 1273* Bingley With Micklethwaite, Keighley, West Riding, Yorkshire, England† ‎ 1300† Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire, England
man Zouche, Eon la X Joan Inge* ‎between 1297 BET., - and * Harringworth, Northampton, England† ‎ Apr 24, 1326† Paris, Ville-de-Paris, France; 3
man Zouche, Eudo la, Lord of Cantelou 1st X Millicent of Cantelou, 2nd X N.N.* ‎ 1233* Ashby de la Zouche, Leicestershire, England† ‎ Apr 28, 1279† Ashton Cantelou, Warwickshire, England
woman Zouche, Eva la X Maurice of "'the Magnificent'" Berkeley, 2nd Lord Berkeley* ‎before 25 BEF., Mar* Ashby de la Zouche, Leicestershire, England† ‎ Dec 5, 1314† Chruch of Portbury, Somersetshire, England
man Zouche, Godfrey or Geofroy de Rohan la, Vicomte Porhoet X Hawise of Brittany* ‎ 1086* of Porhoet, Brittany, France† ‎between 1141 BET., - and
woman Zouche, Isabel la X John V of Lovell* ‎between 1314 BET., - and * † ‎ Jul 2, 1349
woman Zouche, Joyce la & Robert of Mortimer* ‎± ABT. 1250* of Ashby de la Zouch Castle, Leicestershire, England† ‎before 13 BEF., Mar
woman Zouche, Lorette la X Gilbert of Sanford, Baron of Sanford* ‎± ABT. 1205* Ashby de la Zouche, Leicestershire, England† ‎ 1238† of North Molton, Devonshire, England
woman Zouche, Lucy la X Thomas of Greene* ‎± ABT. 1279* Ashby de la Zouche, Leicestershire, England† ‎ Oct 23, 1326† Harringworth, Northamptonshire, England
woman Zouche, Margery Mary la X Robert "1st Lord Clavering as Lord FitzRoger" FitzRoger* ‎± ABT. 1251* of Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, England
woman Zouche, Maud la X Robert of "Robert III of Holand" Holland* ‎ 1283* of Ashby Magna, Leicester, England† ‎ May 31, 1349[] Brackley, Northampton, England
man Zouche, Roger la, 2nd Baron la Zouche X Margaret Biset* ‎ 1175* of Ashby de la Zouche, Leicesteshire, England† ‎before 14 BEF., May† of North Molton, Devonshire, England
man Zouche, Roger la "Lord of Ashby & Brockly" X Ela Eleanor Longespee* ‎± ABT. 1241* of Ashby, of Brockley, Leicester, England>† ‎± 15 ABT., Oct† Ashby, Leicester, England
man Zouche, William la X Alice of Toeni, Countess of Warwick
man Zouche, William la, Lord Zouche de Mortimer X Maud Mortimer* ‎± ABT. 1214* of King's Nympton, Devonshire, England† ‎before 3 BEF., Feb
man Zouche, William la X Agnes of Greene* ‎ 1341* † ‎ May 13, 1396
man Zouche, William la X Elizabeth of Ros* ‎ Dec 25, 1321* † ‎ Apr 23, 1382
man Zouche, William la X Maud Lovell* ‎ Dec 21, 1276* Harringworth, Northampton, England† ‎ Mar 12, 1351/52

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