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woman Unknown, Aalgut & Aimeraud Ermenrad of Faucigny, Lord of Faucigny* ‎± ABT. 970
woman Unknown, Ada & Richard FitzGilbert of Hugleville & St. Valery, Seigneur de Hugleville* ‎± ABT. 1030* Hugleville, Normandy, France
woman Unknown, Ada & Wilmer of Boulogne* ‎± ABT. 635* France
woman Unknown, Ada & Godrey of Guisnes* ‎± ABT. 980* of Guisnes, Aisne, France† ‎after AFT. 1121[] Lescies
woman Unknown, Ada * ‎± ABT. 1193* England
woman Unknown, Adaliza * ‎± ABT. 1140*
woman Unknown, Adaliza & William Malbedeng Millbank Malbank, Baron of Nantwich* ‎± ABT. 1070* England
woman Unknown, Adaltrude X Hildebert Adelbert of Limoges, Vicomte de Limoges* ‎± ABT. 840† of Limoges, France
woman Unknown, Adela & Engelbert of "Count in the Chiemgau" Chiemgau* ‎± ABT. 945* of Chiemgau
woman Unknown, Adela & Conrad of Venimiglia* ‎± ABT. 1000
woman Unknown, Adela & Stephen or Etienne of Champagne, Count of Troyes* ‎± ABT. 1015
woman Unknown, Adelaide X Gero of Saxon "Margrave of Saxon Ostmark" Ostmark* ‎± ABT. 960† of Saxon Ostmark
woman Unknown, Adelaide & Geraud of la Forez, Count of la Forez* ‎± ABT. 1007
woman Unknown, Adelaide & Guichard of Beaujeu* ‎± ABT. 980
woman Unknown, Adelaide & Louis of Chiny & Ivoix, Count of Chiny* ‎± ABT. 1000
woman Unknown, Adelays & Maurice London of "Maurice Malcolm of Londres" Londres, Lord of Ogmore* ‎± ABT. 1090* of Kidwelly, Dyfed, Wales
woman Unknown, Adelburge & Stephen of Montrevault* ‎± ABT. 985
woman Unknown, Adele & Guermond of Picquigny* ‎± ABT. 990* of Amiens, France
woman Unknown, Adele & Dreux of Coucy* ‎± ABT. 1024* of Coucy, Ardennes, France
woman Unknown, Adele & Engelbert of Brienne, Count of Brienne* ‎± ABT. 950* France
woman Unknown, Adelheid & Ernst of Nordmark, Margrave of Nordmark* ‎± ABT. 825† of Nordmark
woman Unknown, Adelheid & Ebal of Grandison* ‎± ABT. 1091* Grandson, Waadt, Switzerland
man Unknown, Adelhelm, Count of Wormsgau & N.N.* ‎± ABT. 650* Worms, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
woman Unknown, Adelicia X William Mauduit* ‎± ABT. 1100* England
woman Unknown, Adelida & Robert Peverel* ‎± ABT. 1115* England
woman Unknown, Adelina & Enrico of Arrigo, Marquess of Arrigo* ‎± ABT. 970
woman Unknown, Adelindis & Guerin of Thurgovie, Count of Thurgovie* ‎± ABT. 720* of Thurgovie
woman Unknown, Adeline & Alfred of Carcassonne "Count of Bourges and Carcassonne" Bourges* ‎± ABT. 780† of Bourges, of Carcassonne, France
woman Unknown, Adeline & Urso de Abbetot, Constable of Worcester* ‎± ABT. 1047* France
woman Unknown, Adelis & Guillaume of Marigny* ‎± ABT. 1100