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man Bavaria, Agiluf of X Unknown of Burgundy* ‎± ABT. 500*
man Bavaria, Agivald of X N.N.* ‎± ABT. 530*
man Bavaria, Alberic of & Adele of Treves* ‎± ABT. 635*
woman Bavaria, Aldegonde of & Waudbert VII of Lommois, Comte de Lommois* ‎± ABT. 700* Bavaria
woman Bavaria, Alpais of 1st X Fulcoald of Austrasia, Duke of Austrasia, 2nd X Pepin of "Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia, Pepin II of Her" Heristal* ‎± ABT. 660* of Heristal, Liege, Belgium† ‎ 705† orplegrandmonast, Brabant, Vosges, France
man Bavaria, Arnulf of ""the Bad"" , Duke of Bavaria X Jutte or Judith of Sulichgau, Countess of Sulichgau* ‎before BEF. 879* Nordgau, Schwaben, Bavaria† ‎ Jul 14, 937† Regensburg, Oberpfalz, Bavaria
man Bavaria, Arnulf of, Pfalzgraf of Bavaria & Judith Unknown* ‎± ABT. 913* Babenburg, Oberfranken, Bavaria† ‎ Jul 22, 954† Regensburg
man Bavaria, Aubert of & Unknown of Ogiers* ‎ 850* of Bavaria
man Bavaria, Bernhard of X Ingilrat of Bavaria* ‎± ABT. 900*
man Bavaria, Berthold of & N.N.* ‎± ABT. 720* Bavaria
man Bavaria, Berthold of "Count of Upper Isar" & Beatrix of Lorraine, Countess of Lorraine* ‎ 942* Babenberg, Oberfranken, Bavaria† ‎ Aug 26, 990† Babenberg, Oberfranken, Bavaria
man Bavaria, Berthold of X Biletrud of Engaden* ‎± ABT. 890† ‎ Nov 23, 947
man Bavaria, Carloman of, King of Bavaria X Litwinde of "Litwinde of Corinthia" Corinth* ‎± ABT. 828* Alsace, Bas-Rhin, France† ‎ Sep 29, 880
woman Bavaria, Cunigunde Welf Dynasty of X Alberto Azzo of Este, Marquis d'Este* ‎± ABT. 1010* Altdorf, Bavaria, Germany† ‎between 31 BET., Mar and † Bavaria, Germany
woman Bavaria, Ellinrath of & Heinrich of "'Golden Wagen'" Altdorf, Count of Altdorf* ‎± ABT. 880* Bavaria
woman Bavaria, Emma of, Queen of Germany & Louis of East "Louis the German" Franks, King of Bavaria* ‎± ABT. 804* Bavaria† ‎ Jan 31, 875/76
woman Bavaria, Engelmut of & Ratbold of "Ratbold of Ebersburg & Persenburg Bourg\" Ebersburg, of Persenburg* ‎± ABT. 860* of Ebersburg, of Persenburg† ‎± Dec ABT., 919† of Ebersburg, of Persenburg
man Bavaria, Fara of, Duke of Bavaria X Ragintrude of Austrasia* ‎ 615* of Bavaria
man Bavaria, Garibald Agilofinges of Lower, Duke of Lower Bavaria & Waldrada of Lombardy* ‎± ABT. 500* Lower Bavaria, Austria† ‎between 595 BET., - and
woman Bavaria, Gelsnod of X Robert of Neustrasia* ‎± ABT. 611*
woman Bavaria, Gertrude of & Carloman of Austrasia, Mayor of Austrasia* ‎± ABT. 560*
woman Bavaria, Gisela of, Queen of Hungary X St. Stephen Arpad Dynasty of "1st King of Hungary" Hungary, Saint Stephen* ‎ 986* Swabia, Bavaria† ‎between 1033 BET., - and
man Bavaria, Guelph of, Duke of Bavaria X Judith Fausta of Flanders, Countess of Northumbria* ‎± ABT. 1037* Bavaria† ‎ Nov 8, 1101† on Crusade, Cypress
man Bavaria, Heinrich I of "'the Black'" , Duke of Bavaria X Wulfhilda or Ulfhide of Saxony* ‎± ABT. 1074* Bavaria† ‎ Dec 13, 1126† Ravensburg, Bavaria
man Bavaria, Heinrich of "'the Quarrelsome'" , Duke of Bavaria X Judith (Jutte) of "Judith of Bavaria" Bavaria* ‎between 919 BET., - and * Saxony, Germany† ‎ Nov 1, 955
man Bavaria, Heinrich of "'the Wrangler'" , Duke of Bavaria X Gisela of Burgundy* ‎ 951* Bavaria† ‎ Sep 28, 995† Gandersheim
woman Bavaria, Hermenlindis of & Welf of Argengau* ‎± ABT. 750* Bavaria
woman Bavaria, Ida of & Thimo Wettin* ‎± ABT. 1076* Meissen, Dresden, Saxony
woman Bavaria, Ingilrat of X Bernhard of Bavaria* ‎± ABT. 900*
woman Bavaria, Judith (Jutte) of "Judith of Bavaria" 1st X Heinrich of "'the Quarrelsome'" Bavaria, Duke of Bavaria, 2nd X Kuno of "Count of Ohningen, Cuno of Oehringen, Konrad II o" Ohningen, Duke of Swabia* ‎ 919* Nordgau, Swabia, Bavaria† ‎ Jul 27, 978† Saxony, Germany

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