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woman (COLE), Elizabeth & Samuel COLE
woman (PAYBODY), Lydia X Francis PEABODY (PAYBODY)
woman (PEABODY), Francis & Nathaniel PEABODY (PAYBODY)
woman (ROKES), Clara & James ROKES
woman (unknown), Anna (Princess Bright Lightning) X Hendrick Andersson "Hendrick Coleman" COLEMAN* ‎± 1642* probably Pennsylvania† ‎after 1703
woman (unknown), Betsy & George Henry TEETS* Preston Co. WV† Cheat River, Preston, WV
woman 3 Mar 1603, Phoebe 04\
woman ABOROW, Catherine 1st & William Richard WEBB, 2nd & N.N.* ‎ 1471* Salisbury, Wiltshire, England† Old Stoke, Wiltshire, England
man ABOROW, John & N.N.* ‎ 1445* Salisbury, Wiltshire, England† Y
woman abt 1958, Rosa * ‎ Sep 28, 1879
man Abtofte, Jervas & Mary Hutchinson
man Adams, UNKNOWN & Susanna WALKER
woman Affeton, Catherine De & Hugh Stewkley† ‎ Mar 26, 1467
man Affeton, John De & Elizabeth Manningfield
woman Aguillon, Margery De & Giles De Argentine* ‎ 1222* Old Buckhurst, Withyham, Sussex, England† ‎ 1308† Wymondley, Hertfordshire, England
man Akeston, Alexander & Joan Valletort
woman Akeston, Joan & Richard DeChampernon
man Albertson, Rickliffe & Martha Jones
woman ALERIN, Eva X Friedrich "Friederich Andreas" ANDREAS* ‎± 1662
woman ALGER, Lettice & Bennett ELLIOTT* ‎ 1575* Widford, Nazing, England† ‎ Mar 16, 1620† Nazing, Essex, England
man Allen, Lambert & Hannah WALKER
man Allen, Lewis & Ruhanna Hemenway
man Amidon, Jedidiah X Hannah WALKER
woman Amidon, Molly X John WALKER† ‎ Mar 16, 1861
man ANDERSSON, Anders Andersson The Finn & Christina GULBRANSDOTTER* ‎before 1600* Sweden† ‎after 1673
woman ANDERSSON, Anna Andersdotter X Nils Larsson "Nils Larsson Frande" FRIEND* ‎ 1618* Sweden† ‎ 1724† Upland, Chester, Pennsylvania
woman Andersson, Brita Andersdotter X Olle Rosse Rawson* ‎before 1642
woman Andersson, Justa & Aeltie Walraven Devos* ‎before 1646
woman Andersson, Sophia Andersdotter 1st X Broer Sinnece, 2nd X Anders Joransson* ‎before 1638* Sweden
man ANDREAS, Friedrich "Friederich Andreas" X Eva ALERIN* ‎± 1660* Hesse Nassau, Prussia