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man Zuniga, Afonso Diego De, 6th Duke Bejar & Juana De Mendoza* ‎± 1550† ‎ 1620
man Zuniga, Alvaro De, 1st Duke Bejar & Leonor Manrique De Lara* ‎± 1405† ‎ Jun 10, 1488
man Zuniga, Antonio Lopez De, 8th Duke Penaranda X Maria Theresa Tellez Giron* ‎ Feb 20, 1698
woman Zuniga, Catalina De & Luis Gomez De Sandoval, 3rd Marquis Denia* ‎± 1505
man Zuniga, Diego De & Leonor Davila, 5th Marquess Loriana* ‎± 1620
man Zuniga, Diego De, Senhor de Traspinedo & Juana De La Cerda, 4th Senhora de Villoria* ‎± 1435
man Zuniga, DIego Lopez De, 1st Senhor Bejar & Juana Garcia De Leiva, Senhora Villavaqueria† ‎ Nov 1417
woman Zuniga, Francisca De & Diego Fernandez De Cordova, 3rd Count Cabra* ‎± 1460† ‎ Jan 22, 1512
woman Zuniga, Francisca De X Juan Antonio De Carvajal, 4th Duke Abrantes* ‎± 1715† ‎ May 13, 1742
woman Zuniga, Francisca Maria De 1st & Juan Francisco De Palafox, 4th Marquis Ariza, 2nd & Jose Salvador Sarmiento, 3rd Marquis Sobroso* ‎± 1640
man Zuniga, Francisco Diego De, 7th Duke Bejar 1st & Francisca Tellez Giron, 2nd X Ana De Mendoza* ‎± 1590
man Zuniga, Inigo De, 1st Count de Nieva & Juana D' Evereux* ‎± 1375† ‎ 1420
woman Zuniga, Isabel De & Fadrique Alvarez De Toledo, 2nd Duke Alba* ‎± 1455† ‎ 1500
woman Zuniga, Isabel De & Pedro Gonzalez De Mendoza
man Zuniga, Joaquin Jose De, 12th Conde de Miranda X Isabel Rosa De Fonseca* ‎ Jul 20, 1670
woman Zuniga, Josefa De X Cristobal Portocarrero, Marquis Valderrabano* ‎± 1730
man Zuniga, Juan De, 9th Duke Bejar & Teresa Da Silva* ‎± 1620
man Zuniga, Pedro De, 1st Count de Ledesma & Isabel De Guzman, 3rd Senhora de Gibraleon* ‎ 1384† ‎ 1454
woman Zuniga, Teresa De & Rodrigo Ponce De Leon, 3rd Duke Arcos* ‎± 1550
woman Zuniga, Teresa De & Garci Fernandez Manrique De Lara, Senhor de Amusco* ‎± 1235
man Zuniga, Valerio Antonio De, 8th Marquis Aguilafuente X Ana Maria Fernandez De Cordova, 7th Marquess de Tavara* ‎± 1675† ‎after Jan 26, 1751

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