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woman X, Abigail & Samuel Mercer
woman X, Adaltrude+ & Hildebert I De+ Limoges, Viscount of Limoges* ‎± 868
woman X, Adda & Raoul III De "The Prudent" Deols* ‎± 998
woman X, Adelaide & Hugues II De Gisors* ‎± 1100
woman X, Adelaide+ & Guillaume II De+ Nevers* ‎± 1085
woman X, Adelaide+ & Ermengaud De+ Rouergue, Marquis de Gothie* ‎± 870
woman X, Adelaide+ & Bouchard De+ Guise, Seigneur de Guise* ‎± 1130
woman X, Adelaide+ & Andre De+ "Andre de Ramerupt" Montdidier, Count of Ramerupt* ‎± 1060
woman X, Adelaide+ & Matfred De+ Narbonne* ‎± 936
woman X, Adelberge+ & Lancelin II De+ Beaugency, Lord Beaugency* ‎± 1025
woman X, Adeleine & Giraud De Montreuil-Bellay* ‎± 1038
woman X, Adelheid & Rudolph IV Von Usenberg, Herr* ‎± 1260
woman X, Adelheid De+ & Ebal II De+ Grandison* ‎± 1088
woman X, Adelicia & Robert III De Tesson* ‎± 1095
woman X, Adeline & Engelbert De Brienne, Seigneur Conflans* ‎± 1095
woman X, Adelise+ & Urso I D'+ "Urso D' Arbitot" Abbetot, Constable of Worcester* ‎± 1056
woman X, Adelize & Raoul IV De Tesson* ‎± 1080
woman X, Adelmodis & Guichard I De+ Beaujeu* ‎± 932
woman X, Adeltrude+ "Saint Adeltrude" & Gerard D'+ Auvergne, Count of Limousin* ‎± 825
woman X, Adeltrude+ X Wipert De+ Nantes* ‎± 878
woman X, Agatha+ & Roger De+ Munchensy* ‎± 1214
woman X, Agnaes+ & Andre De+ Baudement, Seigneur de Braine* ‎± 1083
woman X, Agnes & Renaud II De Grancey* ‎± 1081
woman X, Agnes & Henry Milton* ‎± 1508* Stanton St. John, Oxfordshire, England
woman X, Agnes & William Rainsford, Lord Great Tew* ‎± 1438
woman X, Agnes & Jacob Pennington* ‎± 1555
woman X, Agnes & Robert Bulkeley* ‎± 1335
woman X, Agnes 1st & John De Cobham, 2nd X Roger De+ Northwode, 3rd X Christopher Shuckburgh* ‎± 1325
woman X, Agnes X William De Windsor* ‎± 1205
woman X, Agnes & William Curtis (e)* ‎± 1542* Nazing, Essex, England