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NameBorn/ BaptizedDied/ Buried
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woman -  Margaret X Robert Leyburn* ‎± 1172* Leyburne, Kent, England
woman Broc, Edeline de X Stephen de Turnham* ‎± 1152* Great Berwick, Shropshire, England
woman Fitzgerold, Amy X Phillip de Leyburn* ‎± 1140* Camberwill, Surrey, England
man Leyburn, Phillip de X Amy Fitzgerold* ‎± 1138* Leyburne, Kent, England
man Leyburn, Robert X Margaret* ‎± 1168* Leyburne, Kent, England† ‎ 1199
man Leyburn, Roger X N.N.* ‎± 1220* Leyburne, Kent, England
man Leyburn, Roger de X Eleanor Turnham* ‎ 1193* Leyburne, Kent, England
woman Leyburne, Matilda X N.N.* ‎± 1325* Leyburne, Kent, England
man Leyburne, Richard de X N.N.* ‎± 1283* Leyburne, Kent, England
man Leyburne, Robert de X Idoine de Vipont* ‎± 1250* Leyburne, Kent, England† ‎ 1283† Leyburne, Kent, England
woman Turnham, Eleanor X Roger de Leyburn* ‎ 1194* Great Berwick, Shropshire, England
man Turnham, Stephen de X Edeline de Broc* ‎± 1148* Gatton, Surrrey, England
woman Vipont, Idoine de X Robert de Leyburne* ‎± 1255* Brougham Castle, Westmorland, England

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