man Stephen Hobson‏‎, son of Cpt George Hobson and Hannah Kinnison‏.
Born ‎ Mar 5, 1741/1742 at Mill Creek, Md, died ‎ Jun 23, 1825 at Rocky River, Nc‎, approximately 84 years

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 13, Ed. 1, Tree 495, Date of Import: Sep 9, 1999]

!MARRIAGE Stephen married Ann BARNES, born 3 mo. 17 da. 1744, in Chester
Co.,Pa., dau. of Brinsley and Elizabeth BARNES; died Feb.1, 1775, age, 31. Her
burial is the first one recorded in the Rocky River MM. Cemetery. He married
2nd on Oct. 9, 1782 at Pee Dee M.H., Mary CREW, born Jan. 26 1749, dau. of
Joseph and Agnes (STONE) CREW, of Anson Co., Va. She died May 23, 1784, buried
in the Rocky River Cem. He Married 3rd May 18, 1786, at Cane Creek MM, Deborah
(MARSHALL) HINSHAW.(widow of Benjamin HINSHAW?), born Mar. 14, 1757, in Orange
Co. N.C., dau. of William and Rebecca (DIXON) MARSHALL. She died July 20,
1814, buried at Rocky River cemetery.
Cedar Creek MM. Va. CREW,1743,10,11 Joseph CREW, Charles City Co., s. Andrew,
Charles City Co.; m. in a public mtg., in Caroline Co. Agnes STONE, dt.
Nicholas, Caroline Co.
Cedar Creek MM. Va. CREW, 1768,10,__ Mary,Agatha,Sucky(Sucia) gtc Cain Creek
MM. N.C. (Hinshaw's Ency. of Am. Quaker Genealogy, v.6,p.236 & 397,
see also v.1, p.353,356,397.)
Children of Stephen and Ann (BARNES) HOBSON:
Children of Stephen and Deborah (MARSHALL) HOBSON:
Jacob,Benjamin,Mary,Rebecca, Isaac,Deborah.

Married ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1773-1807 at Orange, Nc (approximately 18 years married) to:



man George Hobson‏
Born ‎ Feb 27, 1765 at ,Chatham,Nc, died ‎ Jun 9, 1845 at ,,Nc‎, 80 years
Adopted child: man George Hobson‏

2nd marriage
man Stephen Hobson‏‎, son of Cpt George Hobson and Hannah Kinnison‏.

Married ‎± 1762 at Cane Creek, Chatham Co., Nc (approximately 13 years married) to:

woman Ann Barnes‏‎, daughter of Brinsley Barnes and Elizabeth Lindley‏.
Born ‎ Mar 17, 1744 at Chester Co, Pa, died ‎ Feb 1, 1775 at Rocky River, Chatham Co., Nc‎, 30 years, buried ‎ at Chatham, North Carolina
BURIAL: Rocky River Cemetery.

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man Stephen Hobson‏
Born ‎ Feb 15, 1763 at ,Chatham,Nc, died ‎ Aug 26, 1803 at ,Surry,Nc‎, 40 years, buried ‎ at Deep Creek Friends Cem, Yadkin Co. Nc
BURIAL: Deep Creek Friends Cemetery.
-Genealogical Records from Deep Creek MM,NC -Referred to as Stephen Hobson Jr at Cane Creek MM & as Stephen Hobson Sr at Deep Creek MM -Cane Creek MM, Chatham co,NC on 21 Sep 1785 Stephen Hobson, son of Stephen & Ann, of Chatham co,NC, marries Rachel Vestal, dau of Thomas & Elizabeth -Cane Creek MM on 6 Oct 1787 Stephen & family granted certificate to Deep River MM -Deep River MM, Guilford co,NC on 2 Jun 1788 Stephen & family received on certificate from Cane Creek MM dated 6 Oct 1787 -Deep Creek MM was set off from Deep River MM,NC in 1793; Stephen Hobson was a Charter Member -Purchased 300 acres on Forbush Creek in Surry co,NC on 13 Mar 1788 for L200 from William Johnson & hw Elizabeth, per Surry co,NC Deed Book D:399 -Will dated 18 Aug 1803; proved Surry co,NC, Nov Court 1803; mentions wife Rachel, sons William, David, Stephen, Thomas, & Isaac; mentions daus Ann & Elizabeth; executors: brothers George Hobson & Thomas Vestal [brother-in-law]; witnesses: William Hough, Thomas Brown, & David Hobson -He developed and operated iron mines, forges, lumber mills, & orchards. At his death in 1803 he owned 984 acres in Surry co (now Yadkin co),NC
man George Hobson‏
Born ‎ Feb 27, 1765 at ,Chatham,Nc, died ‎ Jun 9, 1845 at ,,Nc‎, 80 years
man David Hobson‏
Born ‎ Apr 11, 1767 at ,Orange,Nc, died ‎ Mar 3, 1854 at ,Surry,Nc‎, 86 years
BURIAL: Deep Creek MM, NC.
woman Ann Hobson‏
Born ‎ Jul 11, 1769 at ,Chatham,Nc, died ‎ Sep 3, 1834 at ,Clinton,Oh‎, 65 years
BURIAL: Center Cemetery.
man Silas Hobson‏
Born ‎ Feb 13, 1772 at ,Chatham,Nc‎
man John Hobson‏‎
Born ‎ Oct 28, 1774 at ,Chatham,Nc‎

3rd marriage
man Stephen Hobson‏‎, son of Cpt George Hobson and Hannah Kinnison‏.

Married ‎ Oct 9, 1782 at Cane Creek Mm,Chatham,Nc (1 years married) to:

woman Mary Crew‏‎
Born ‎ Jan 26, 1749 at ,Caroline,Va, died ‎ May 23, 1784 at ,Chatham,Nc‎, 35 years
BURIAL: Rocky River Cemetery.


man Joseph Hobson‏
Born ‎ Aug 24, 1783 at ,Chatham,Nc, died ‎ Feb 27, 1850 at ,Chatham,Nc‎, 66 years