man Stephen Hobson‏‎, son of Stephen Hobson and Ann Barnes‏.
Born ‎ Feb 15, 1763 at ,Chatham,Nc, died ‎ Aug 26, 1803 at ,Surry,Nc‎, 40 years, buried ‎ at Deep Creek Friends Cem, Yadkin Co. Nc
BURIAL: Deep Creek Friends Cemetery.
-Genealogical Records from Deep Creek MM,NC -Referred to as Stephen Hobson Jr at Cane Creek MM & as Stephen Hobson Sr at Deep Creek MM -Cane Creek MM, Chatham co,NC on 21 Sep 1785 Stephen Hobson, son of Stephen & Ann, of Chatham co,NC, marries Rachel Vestal, dau of Thomas & Elizabeth -Cane Creek MM on 6 Oct 1787 Stephen & family granted certificate to Deep River MM -Deep River MM, Guilford co,NC on 2 Jun 1788 Stephen & family received on certificate from Cane Creek MM dated 6 Oct 1787 -Deep Creek MM was set off from Deep River MM,NC in 1793; Stephen Hobson was a Charter Member -Purchased 300 acres on Forbush Creek in Surry co,NC on 13 Mar 1788 for L200 from William Johnson & hw Elizabeth, per Surry co,NC Deed Book D:399 -Will dated 18 Aug 1803; proved Surry co,NC, Nov Court 1803; mentions wife Rachel, sons William, David, Stephen, Thomas, & Isaac; mentions daus Ann & Elizabeth; executors: brothers George Hobson & Thomas Vestal [brother-in-law]; witnesses: William Hough, Thomas Brown, & David Hobson -He developed and operated iron mines, forges, lumber mills, & orchards. At his death in 1803 he owned 984 acres in Surry co (now Yadkin co),NC

Married ‎ Sep 21, 1785 at Cane Creek Mm,Orange,Nc (17 years married) to:

woman Rachel Vestal‏‎, daughter of Thomas Vestal and Elizabeth Davis‏.
Born ‎ Jun 10, 1766 at ,Orange,Nc, died ‎ Oct 1, 1848 at Yadkinville,Yadkin,Nc‎, 82 years, ‎1st marriage to: Stephen Hobson, 2nd marriage to: John Bond


man William Hobson‏
Born ‎ Apr 18, 1787 at Cane Creek, North Carolina, died ‎ Sep 18, 1844 at Surry County, North Carolina‎, 57 years
-Marriage bond between William Hobson & Bidey Hadly, 10 Nov 1808,
Surry co,NC; bondsman Benjamin Hutchens; Bond Nbr 145159
-Marriage bond between William Hobson & Dorothy B Wilson, 17 Dec 1828,
Surry co,NC; bondsman John Martin Jr; Bond Nbr 145158
-Deep River MM, Guilford co,NC on 2 Jun 1788 William received on his
father Stephen's certificate from Cane Creek MM, Chatham co,NC
-Deep Creek MM was set off from Deep River MM,NC in 1793
-DOB noted p.25, genealogical records of Deep Creek MM, Surry co,NC;
calling him William Hobson Sr
-Deep Creek MM, Surry co,NC on 3 Oct 1807 William granted certificate to
Miami MM,OH
-Miami MM, Warren co,OH on 14 Jan 1808 William (presumedly unmarried)
received on certificate from Deep Creek MM,NC dated 3 Oct 1807
-Miami MM,OH on 8 Oct 1808 William granted certificate to Deep Creek MM,NC
-Deep Creek MM on 1 Dec 1810 William received on certificate from
Miami MM,OH
-Deep Creek MM on 6 Apr 1811 William disowned for marr. out
-Deep Creek MM on 7 Sep 1816 William received on request
-Deep Creek MM on 7 Oct 1820 5 sons received on request of their father,
William Hobson
-Deep Creek MM on 2 Jan 1831 William condemns his marr.out
man David Hobson‏
Born ‎ Jul 26, 1789 at North Carolina, died ‎ May 15, 1888‎, 98 years
man George Hobson‏
Born ‎ Jun 5, 1791 at ,Surry,Nc‎
woman Anne Hobson‏
Born ‎ Mar 14, 1793 at ,Surry,Nc, died ‎ Feb 15, 1888‎, 94 years
NAME: Salem MM, Henry, IA has first name as "Anna."
"Evan, s. of John & Anna, ..."
"w. Anna, b. 3-14-1793, Surry Co., N.C."

BIRTH: Salem MM, Henry, IA:
"b. 3-14-1793, Surry Co., N.C."
man Thomas Hobson‏
Born ‎ Feb 18, 1796 at ,Surry,Nc‎
woman Elizabeth Hobson‏
Born ‎ Oct 8, 1798 at ,Surry,Nc‎
man Stephen Hobson Jr Jr‏
Born ‎ Dec 5, 1800 at ,Surry,Nc, died ‎± 1875 at San Jose,Santa Clara,Ca‎, approximately 75 years
man Isaac Hobson‏‎
Born ‎ Apr 26, 1803 at ,Surry,Nc, died ‎ Oct 28, 1806 at ,Surry,Nc‎, 3 years
Adopted child: man David Hobson‏