woman Sarah (Sally) London‏‎, daughter of Amos London Sr. and Sarah Crammer‏. Adoption parents: Robert Sumner and Pheoby Beals
Born ‎ 1763 at Manmouth Co. New Jersey, died ‎ BFR 1830‎, 66 or 67 years
Name: Sarah "Sally" LONDON SUMMERS Sex: F Birth: Abt 1763 in Stafford County,Virginia Death: UNKNOWN
Note: Although there has long been strong circumstantial evidence that the Surry Co. NC marriage between Abner Rose and Sally Summers was a second marriage for both, occurring in the 1808 period between Abner Rose and Sarah (London) Summers, widow of Johnson Summers, proof of that assertion has been lacking until now. Thanks to Jack London, that proof has been found in the Giles Co., TN, estate of Amos London Jr., brother of Sarah (London) Summers. Extract of Document from Giles County Chancery Court 1830-1900 File Box L - 1, Case 1586 The Estate of Amos London, Jr, Deceased Deposition of D. G. Bills at Marshall Co., Tennessee, 4 March 1861 D G Bills, aged about seventy years who answers and says - I knew Amos London late of Giles County, Tennessee for some fifty years before his death. I knew him first in North Carolina then in Tennessee. He never had any child or children born in wedlock and died leaving neither child or children or the representatives of such. He had one brother only, his name was John London who died in Marshall County, Tennessee. He left a good many children & among them was Sarah, who intermarried with Thomas Parks. They are both dead and have two living children, viz. John L and James M Park. One daughter of said Thomas and Sarah Park married Nicholas Tomblinson & she is dead and has left one child, I believe. Amos London had three sisters. One of them married Brice Jackson - Jackson & wife as I understand are both dead. They left some children, but the number I can not tell. One other of his sisters married a man by the name of Johnson Summers. He died and she married a man by the name of Abner Rose. They are both long since dead and she died without child or children or the representatives of such. The other of Amos' sisters married a man by the name of Palmer. As to Palmer and wife I speak principally from information and family reputation, but as to the children if any I can not speak from my own information but I am well satisfied that these four are the only brothers and sisters of the said Amos London and further this deponent says not. D G Bills Subscribed and sworn to before me on the 4th of March 1861 W B Holden (Seal) JP for Marshall County Note: The London and Bills families were intermarried and moved together from Monmouth Co., New Jersey to Surry Co., North Carolina and then to Marshall and Giles Co., Tennessee. Extracted by Jack London, 26 December 2003 A possible identity for Abner Rose's child-bearing wife would seem to be a daughter of Jabez Jarvis Sr. of Surry Co., NC. For a more complete examination of significant evidence linking Abner Rose to his potential siblings and half-siblings and to his potential parents Bennet/Bennett Rose and the widow Sarah (Bradford) Taylor, see the 1999 issues of Tennessee Ancestors (East Tennessee Historical Society), available in many good genealogy libraries around the country. State of North Carolina Surry County In the name of God Amen, I Amos LONDON Sr. of the county aforesaid being weak in body but of sound sense and memory and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament, 1st I give and recommend my soul into the hands of almighty God that gave it and Secondly my body to be burried in a decent Christian manner, and as touching such worldly estate with which it has pleased god to bless me with I give demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form viz. I give to my daughter Sally SUMMERS all my moveable estate of every kind whatever to her and heirs forever. I give and bequeath unto Thomas W. LESTER a tract of two hundred acres land joining my old line and John SUMMERS to him and his heirs forever, provided when he come of age he gives his sisters, Polly and Sally two dollars each – Hereby revoking all former wills and acknowledging this to be my last will, In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 24th day of May AD 1805 Signed, Sealed, published and pronounced in the presence of Jesse LESTER } Jurat Amos LONDON {Seal} M ARMSTRONG} Will and Codicil recorded and examined Surry County North Carolina Will Book 3, p. 77 Amos LONDON Sr. Codicil dated May 24th 1805 Transcription by Jack London, 25 Mar 2004 and contributed to the TNGENWEB Marshall County for Free Genealogy To my friends and acquaintances of Surry County – I am in the 68th year of my age and the forepart of my life was agreeable and pleasant and as on did I live in my family with utmost content and satisfaction until about twenty years ago my old woman began to incur my displeasure and she together with her friends and children, to wit, my two sons and some of the BILLS has in hundreds of ways too tedious and too delicate to describe has impaired my feelings and fretted me to distraction. I am left without consort, I am reduced to almost poverty, and in particular abused and beaten by Amos, spit upon, frowned upon by him and his family and treated in the most ungrateful manner almost unheard of by a son to his father, so much repeated illusage that my poor old gray hairs are almost brought down with sorrow to the ground I know my friends I am _____ and always was as all men are to human frailties from impulse of passion which has been in a great manner occasioned by the illtreatment of my two sons and their mother continually joining together to disturb my peace and happiness at home, and as my intentions were always for to support of my children by my industry and labor in a decent manner and receiving nothing in turn but abuse ridicule that would irritate any man of spirit this as I before mentioned being the desires of my heart such as the great and good will known to contribute to my familys welfare and not being received with kindness and tenderness that a father has a right to expect from his sons has made such a deep impression on my heart as to crave death rather than to live in a world where I no more expect any content, I therefore bid farewell to my aquaintences and in particular to my children and their mother with a request that Amos deliver to his sister Sally SUMMERS all my moveable effects, I shall endeavor to travel to some distant part where I hope receive happiness in and thus a blessed return to Jesus Christ. Test Jesse LESTER } Jurat Amos LONDON M ARMSTRONG} Will and Codicil Recorded and Examined Surry County, NC Will Book 3, Page 77 Change Date: 31 AUG 2004 at 14:12:59 Father: Amos LONDON
Marriage 1 Abner ROSE b: 6 FEB 1763 in VA
Married: in Surry County,NC 1
Marriage 2 Johnson SUMMERS

Title: Abner Rose Bride: Sally Summers Bond : 01 199 Bondsman: Rezia Rose Abbrev: Abner Rose ~~Bride: Sally Summers ~~Bond : 01 199 ~~Bondsman: Rezia Rose ~~

Married ‎ Jun 29, 1788 at Surry Co. North Carolina (41 or 42 years married) to:

man Jonathan Summers‏‎

2nd marriage
woman Sarah (Sally) London‏‎, daughter of Amos London Sr. and Sarah Crammer‏. Adoption parents: Robert Sumner and Pheoby Beals

Married ‎between 1780 BET., - and at Surry County, North Carolina to:

man Abner Rose‏‎, son of Bennett Rose and Sarah Bradford‏.
Born ‎ Feb 6, 1763 at Va, died ‎ Jul 18, 1841 at Tishomingo Co, Ms‎, 78 years


man Rezia Rose‏
Born ‎ 1785, died ‎± ABT. 1818‎, approximately 33 years
woman Lucy Rose‏
Born ‎ Jun 18, 1786, died ‎ Aug 12, 1857 at Yadkin Co., Nc‎, 71 years
man Bennett Rose‏
Born ‎± ABT. 1788, died ‎ Jan 3, 1852 at Limesatone Co., al‎, approximately 64 years
man Zachariah Rose‏
Born ‎ Dec 16, 1793, died ‎ Jan 3, 1853 at Massac Co., Il‎, 59 years
woman Elizabeth Rose‏
Born ‎ Aug 8, 1796 at Surry County, North Carolina, died ‎ Mar 10, 1872 at Tishomingo Co. Ms‎, 75 years
Listed on 1850 census of Tishomingo Co., MS.
806. Pace, Elisabeth 54 NC, Albert G. 22 School teacher TN, Zachariah W. 17 Farmer IL, David W. 15 TN.
woman Sarah Rose‏
Born ‎± ABT. 1800, died ‎ Nov 4, 1896 at Lauderdale Co., al‎, approximately 96 years

3rd marriage
woman Sarah (Sally) London‏‎, daughter of Amos London Sr. and Sarah Crammer‏. Adoption parents: Robert Sumner and Pheoby Beals

Married ‎ Jun 29, 1788 at Surry County, Nc (41 or 42 years married) to:

man Johnson Summers‏‎

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