man Thomas ,3rd Bouldin‏‎, son of Thomas , Jr. Bouldin and Elinor Aston‏.
Born ‎ 1580 at Virginia‎
Came to Virginia in the Swann in 1610.

Married/ Related to:

woman Mary Unknown‏‎


man John Bouldin‏‎
woman Ann Bouldin‏‎
man William Bouldin‏
Born ‎ 1612 at Pennsylvania, died ‎ 1671 at Baltimore,Baltimore Co.,Maryland‎, 58 or 59 years
William was married to Ann Jacobs and they had four childre, John , Thomas, William , Mary. Two of his sons, Thomas and William, and his grandson William J., appear to have migrated to Maryland from Virginia in 1677. Prior to that he moved for a time to Abingdon Parish, Gloucester County before 1671. He made a will on august 26, 1671 and bequeathed "to Mary Thwate and the two children now living named William Thwayte and Thomas Thwayte which were borne in my house in Abingdon Parish in the County of Gloucester in Virginia" --- his whole estate, both in Virginia and Maryland. Furthermore, she was to be guardian and see to it that there was tuition. They were to receive the estates at age seventeen. In view of this will , that chronology of ages and dates, it is assumed that Mary Thwate, wife of James Thwate (deceased ) was the daughter o William Bouldin, and the children, namesakes of he and his father, were his grandchildren. The name Thwate has been spelled many ways, for example; Thweat, Thwayte, and Thwate. William apparently chose to migrate up the Chesapeake to excape a series of things gone wrong in the Colonies. Since early in 1622 , the Indians had become increasingly hostile, and many uprisings had occurred resulting in much loss of life on both sides. Some days the Indians would come to the villages to trade and would be very friendly. After dispersing into the village they would suddenly attack as if on some signal, and slaughter men, women and children. Needless to say, village life was disrupted greatly, forcing families to take refuge inside the fort at nkght where conditions were already cramped and poor hygiene. Most important, though, was theeffect these raids had uon tobacco and crop production. Dependence upon the trading company" for the marketing and export of tobacco soom became less profitable than trading independantly or through "Co-ops". Not long after these conditions arose, the London Company became bankrupt and a wave of independence swept the land. Settlers began to venture further into the territory and opportunities for free land were being made available in Marylnad, Delaware and Pennsylvania. He was mareried to Ann Jacobs in 1649 in Cecile Co., Maryland. Http;//Tyner. Planters, Htm Order of Descendants of Ancient Planters William Bouldin and Thomas Bouldinge listed
man Thomas Bouldin‏
Born ‎ 1618, died ‎ Sep 22, 1665‎, 46 or 47 years