man Benjamin Owens‏‎, son of Jonathan III Owen and Jane Lockwood‏.
Born ‎ Dec 16, 1766 at North Castle, Westchester County, New York, died ‎ 1809 at New York or Canada‎, 42 or 43 years
According to 4/17/2005 email from Bruce Warner ( or "Yes, I think the line of "orphan" J. C. Owens
Sr. has been established beyond reasonable doubt. It happened in this
way. I hired a librarian at BYU to send me copies of any document from
the Nauvoo period mentioning any member of the Owens family. One that I
received from him was a one page biography ( a 70's quorum project) of
Horace Owens in his handwriting which stated, " I Horace, son of James,
son of Benjamin". That was the key to solving the problem. My aunt Lenore
had previously hired Rice Price, a SLC professional genealogist, to
search for such a link, and sent him a copy of this document. Armed with
this, Rick found four Benjamin Owens's in NY state, elimanted three, and
the last fit all the matching info, including a Canada connection. (My
speculation from the dates is that Benjamin may have been a Tory, and
died in Canada). The line went from Benjamin back four more generations
to George Owen of Bristol, across the bay from Wales. I later found
something that suggested the George Owen line continued back to Oswestry,
on the Welsh border, but haven't taken the time to check that out
yet....Best Regards, Cousin Bob Owens"

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man James Clark Owens‏
Born ‎between 1780 and 1809‎