man Francis Riffle‏‎, son of Frederick Riffle and Elizabeth Craft‏.
Born ‎between 1744 and 1746 at Germany, died ‎ May 12, 1781 at Tygart's Valley Massacre in Randolph County, Virginia‎
Alias: /Frank/
Cause of Death: killed by Indians in Tygarts Valley Massacre
Some sources list his birth in 1726 and his death in April 1781. He was
killed during an Indian Massacre between Becky's Creek and Riffle's Creek
in Randolph County, (West) Virginia.

Married/ Related to:

woman UNKNOWN Eleanor‏‎
Born ‎between 1744 and 1746, died ‎after 1794 at Bourbon County, Kentucky‎
Alias: /Elenor/


woman Susan Riffle‏
Born ‎between 1755 and 1758, died ‎after 1781‎
Alias: Sara /Riggle/
man Francis Riffle‏
Born ‎between 1755 and 1781‎
man Jacob Riffle‏
Born ‎between 1755 and 1781‎
man John Riffle‏
Born ‎between 1755 and 1781‎
man Peter Riffle‏
Born ‎between 1755 and 1781, died ‎after 1798‎
woman Catherine Riffle‏
Born ‎± 1765 at Randolph County, Virginia, died ‎after 1805‎
Alias: Humy or Caty /Rafle/