man Paul Shaver‏‎, son of Paulus Schaeffer and N.N.‏.
Born ‎± 1726 at Baden Wurtemberg, Germany, died ‎before Aug 18, 1772 at Licking Creek, Banks of the Potomac River,South Branch,Hardy or Pendleton C‎, buried ‎ 1772 at Banks of the Potomac River,South Branch,Hardy or Pendleton County,Virginia
Alias: Paulus /Shaeffer/, Shever, Schaffer or Shaffer
Some sources list his birth in 1700 and death in 1742.
One source ( WDC
GenWeb-Descendants of Paul Shaver lists the following information: "Paul
(Schafer) Shaver b. abt 1700 Germany" with son "Paul Shaver b. 1726 d.
bef Aug 18 1772 South Branch of Potomac. Arrived at Mallows Run,
Pendleton Co WV in 1761 m. Elizabeth b. Nov 21 1727 Germany, d. Nov 6
1795 buried Peaked Mt. Church, Rockingham Co VA". This source does not
list Christopher or William as sons of Paul and Elizabeth.
According to THE LOUGH FAMILY OF PENDLETON COUNTY by Warren Skidmore, "
...these tracts were on Shavers Run which heads up in Hardy County, runs
in a southerly direction through Mill Creek District of Pendleton County,
and drains into the South Branch of the Potomac..."
There is a male under the age of sixteen named Paulus Schaffer (there's
also a Georg Schaffer) in this age group on the brigantine PENNSYLVANIA
MERCHANT Sept 18, 1733 along with adult males, Paulus Schaffer and Georg
Barthol Schaffer.

Married ‎± 1750 to:

woman Elizabeth Vogt‏‎
Born ‎ Nov 21, 1727 at Germany, died ‎ Nov 6, 1795 at Rockingham County, Virginia‎, 67 years, buried ‎ Nov 8, 1795 at Peaked Mountain Lutheran Church, Rockingham County near Stoney Creek, West
Alias: Vaught or Vought /Shaeffer/
Some sources list her birth in 1700 while others list October 27, 1727 as
birthdate in Germany.
Could she be related to John Andrease Vaught born ca 1721 in Carlsbad
Germany who died after 1768 in Augusta County, Virginia?He married
Elizabeth (b. abt 1725) on about 1744 in Augusta County, Virginia. His
parents were Johan Paulus Vaught (born about 1677 in Frankfort,
Palatinate, Germany) and Maria Katerina (born about 1687) so would be
about the right age to be "our" Elizabeth's brother or first cousin.
According to Helen Spurlin
"John Andrew (Andreas) Vaught was born about 1721 in Carlsbad, Germany,
He was naturalized in 1744 in General Court, VA. "The Virginia Germans"
by Klaus Wust, The Universidty Press of Virginia, Charlottesville (no
date), p. 50: Some Germans went to the colonial capital for the
ceremony...With him John Paul Vogt of Frankfurt and Andrew Vogt of
"Carlsbad In Germany" became subjects. He died after 1787 in Montgomery
Co. Va. 16 (Pp 6-7,11,from MS, Feb. 1, 1994, by Helen Spurlin, now
deceased, tentatively titled "Moving in on the Cherokees" or Neighbors to
the Cherokees".)" The same source lists Johan Paulus Vaught/Vogt as being
born abt, 1677 and died on 16 AUG 1761 in Augusta County, Virginia: "Came
to America on the Charming Betsy, John Ball, Master, from London on
October 12, 1733. By January 1735, John had his first land patient.
From 10-1733 to 1-1735 he arrived at, settled on, and probably built a
home on his land in an area of German settlement in the Northern Neck of
Orange Co., VA...John moved to the area of the Masanutten Mountain
between July 1744 and October 1744. John Patented 400 acres of land on a
north draft of the North River of the Sheandoah, September 20, 1746."
Known family members were his wife Mary Catherine, Son Johann Gasper
Vaught (John Casper) born about 1725 in Frankfurt, Germany; daughter
Catherine Margaret born abt. 1715; son Johann Andreas (John Andrew) born
abt. 1721; and daughter Maria Catherina (Mary Catherine) born abt. 1717.
Elizabeth is probably related to Martin Vogt of Peaked Mountain Church in
Rockingham County, VA. Martin Vogt is listed as an elder of Peter
Ermentrout's church at the time of the marriage of his daughter Elizabeth
Vogt on September 30, 1796 to George Schaefer. Our Elizabeth Vogt was
buried at Peaked Mountain Lutheran Church in Rockingham County, VA
(Peaked Mountain near Mill Creek, Shenandoah Valley, Augusta County,
Virginia) as Elizabeth Vogt Shaeffer.
According to Lisa Moore ( in her email dated 1/8/2004
stated: " I saw the cemetary records for the Peaked Mountain Church and
elizabeth vogt shaeffer died November 1795."
According to "Vaughts in Virginia" family tree by Priscilla Caviness
( on Martin (Faught) Vogt is listed
with birth date of 1755, the son of John Gasper (Casper) Vogt born about
1725 in Germany and his wife Elizabeth Wilkiss born 1728 in Virginia.
Martin's daughter, Elizabeth Vogt married George Shaeffer on 9-30-1796.
John Vogt's parents were Johan Paulus Vogt (John Paul or Hans Paul) Vogt)
born 1680 in Luckenberg, Germany/died 18 August 1761 in Harrisonburg,
Virginia and his wife Mary Catherine born 1685 who died in 1760. They
were married 1705 in Carlsbad, Germany. Their children were: Johan
Andreas Paulus Vogt (Andrew Voght or Vaught) born 1721 in Carlsbad,
Germany died 1787 in Harrisonburg, VA married Elizabeth Catherine
Errentrout (Ermentrout) in 1744; Catherine Margaret born 1715 in Germany
died 1793 in Augusta County; Maria Catahrina was born 1718 in Germany and
died 1739-1759; and Johan Gasper (John Casper) born in 1725. No other
children are listed but "our" Elizabeth Vogt born 1727 could be a child
of this family. There is no information on Joh


man George Shaver‏
Born ‎± 1745 at Pennsylvania, died ‎after 1792 at Virginia‎
Alias: /Schaeffer/
Some sources list his birth in 1736 or 1763.
man Peter M. Shaver‏
Born ‎ 1747 at Pennsylvania or Pendleton County, Virginia, died ‎ Apr 1781 at Tygarts Valley Massacre, Randolph County, West Virginia‎, 33 or 34 years, buried ‎ at Grave marker between Glady and Alpina Lodge, Randolph County, WV
Cause of Death: killed (scalped) by Indians in Tygarts Valley Massacre
Some sources report birthdate at about 1761. Date of death is sometimes
listed as 1782 in Virginia.
According to Mike Shaffer at "On the side of the road
between Glady and Alpina Lodge in Randolph County, WV, you will find his
grave marker surrounded by a wood fence and a plaque describing how he
was killed by Indians...Peter served in the Virginia Militia during the
Revolutionary War as an Indian Scout and Spy. In 1781, shortly after
returning home from the war, Peter was killed and scalped by indians
along with his Father-in-Law, Francis Riffle, and many others in what was
known as the Tygarts Valley Indian Massacre. Shaver's Mountain and
Shaver's Fork River, in Randolph County, WV, were named in his honor."
man Christopher Shaffer‏
Born ‎ Oct 1, 1753 at Pennsylvania, died ‎ Mar 9, 1847 at Morton Township,Tazwell County,Illinois‎, 93 years, buried ‎ at Buckeye Cemetery,Morton Township,Tazwell County,Illinois. Occupation: ‎ at Miller;
Alias: Sheffer /Shaver/, Shaeffer or Shafer
From Barbara Ann Shaffer Fetter (direct from family
records,bibles,journals, and confirmed by Census):
born Berks County Pennsylvania circa 1770, lived 93 years 6 months.
Occupation Miller and Farmer. First wife's First wife, Elizabeth's
surname not discovered. Children: George, Peter (in War of 1812),
Elizabeth,and Mary.
Second wife: Mary Fisher-children: Phoebe,Phillip,and Christopher
(Junior) born April 29,1813,Greenbriar/Greenbrier County,WVA.
From Shirley J. Thielbar (
SHAFFER burials in Buckeye Cemetery:
Christopher-died March 9,1847 age 93 yrs, 5 mo, 8 days
According to an email from Keith Shaver ( on 5/6/2000):
"Mary Fisher was also married twice. First she was married to Lewis
Warnsturff (there are variations of this spelling). Lewis and Mary lived
in Pendleton County and he died. Mary then married Christopher in 1802
or 1803. She had children by her first marriage and they at a later date
filed suit against Christopher and Mary to regain the land their father
had left. For some reason Mary and Christopher seem to have separated or
had some problem because he gives her property in 1818 or so. In the
1829's Christopher sells his property and moves."Keith sent the Articles
of agreement signed to give Mary "the plantation" during her natural
life...signed 16th day of September 1818.
Library of Virginia, Digital Collections Home Page, Electronic Card
Index: Land Office Patents and Grants: Shaffer-Card 2 of 107
(`bin/drawer/disk19/CC150/0475/S1548?2): :Shaffer,
Christopher 10 May 1808 Botetourt County 50a. On Persingers Run, a
branch of Potts Creek which is a branch of Jacksons River. Grants 57,
1807-09, p. 189".
EARLY RECORDS Hampshire County Virginia Compiled by Clara McCormack Sage
and Laura Sage Jones by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore 1976
pg 18 lists Grantor-Grantee Land Deed recorded on 4-18-1796 from Jacob
Fidler (and wife Magdalene) of Hampshire County to a Christopher Shaffer
of Frederick County the following: 250 acres on Mill Creek witnessed by
Edward Dyer, Jost Stimmell, William Baer, John Belzer. According to the
CO WV) 1762-1863, he owned 60 acres on Mill Creek in 1804 while Peter
Shaffer owned land in 1829 on Gibbon's Run and Crooker Run.
1806 Jefferson County Ohio Tax List has a Christopher Shaffer and a Jacob
Shaver listed.
"Grantors: Sydenstricker, Henry Grantees: Christopher Shaffer Book: 7,
Page: 275 Date: 1818 Acres: Location: Mortgage"
I'm not entirely convinced that Christopher Shaffer is son of George
Schaffer (son of George Barthol Schaffer) and Elisabetha Miller Schaffer
or Paul Shaver and Elizabeth Vought Shaver or Peter Schaffer (born 1714
and died in Washington County, MD) although through land records there
are obvious ties to this family. He may be a son, brother, nephew,
cousin....the family tree search continues. Several Shaver/Shaffer
genealogists list him as son of Paul and Elizabeth- but he may be a
grandson of Paul's older brother George Barthol Schaffer (through sons
Peter or George) or another close family member. Some family histories
list only 4 sons of Paul & Elizabeth and do not include Christopher. In
addition, George and Elizabeth Schaffer as parents would follow German
family naming patterns since Christopher's first son was named George and
first daughter named Elizabeth. There were other Shaffer families in
Berks County, PA at the time of Christopher's birth. More research is
needed to be more certain of his parentage.
Could Christopher Shaffer be Christian Schaffer son of Nicolaus/Nicolas
Schaffer( born 1720-1723) and his wife Julianna as listed in
the "Bailey Copenhaver Archives" by
man John Shaver‏
Born ‎between 1754 and 1756 at Pennsylvania, died ‎ at Worthington or Monogah, Harrison County, Virginia/ West Virginia
Cause of Death: drowned while crossing a stream (Booths Creek or Tygart River))
Glen Shaffer (PO Box 535 Amelia, Virginia 23002; email lists John's birth on Nov 1, 1756.
man Paul Shaver‏
Born ‎± 1759 at Pennsylvania, died ‎before 1840 at Lewis County, Virginia or Roane County, West Virginia‎. Occupation: ‎ at Indian scout starting at age 11;
woman Eve Shaver‏‎
Born ‎before Aug 1767 at Pennsylvania or Virginia, died ‎after 1772‎, at least 5 years
woman Mary Shaver‏‎
Born ‎before Aug 1767 at Pennsylvania or Virginia, died ‎after 1772‎, at least 5 years
man Jacob Shaver‏
Born ‎before 1772 at Pennsylvania or Virginia, died ‎after 1810 at Kanawha County, West Virginia‎, at least 38 years
Alias: Schaefer or Shaeffer /Shaffer/
There is a Jacob and Mary Schaefer listed in the Peaked Mountain Church
Records (same church as Elizabeth Vogt Shaver/Shaffer). They have
children listed as follows: John born Feb. 8, 1797 and baptized April 2,
1797 with his parents as sponsors; Jacob born Jan 12, 1798 with baptism
March 11, 1798 with his parents as sponsors. The following
Schafer/Shaver/Shaffers are also mentioned in the church records:
Register for catechism, first time for the Lord's Supper on April 22,
1792 were Philip Schaefer and Michael Schaefer. Amond the adult
communicants on that same day were George Schafer, Susanna Schafer, and
George Schafer Sr. The following individuals are listed in the church
Elizabeth Schaefer (Shaver) , born November 21, 1727, died November 6,
Susanna Schaefer, born June 20, 1770 , died November 12, 1795
Sarah Schaefer, born July 12, 1782, died November 23, 1795
John Michael Schaefer, born February 6, 1774; died November 25, 1795
On June 27, 1796 a Jacob Schaefer married the daughter (not named) of
Peter Bietefisch (Peterfish).
On September 30, 1796 George Schaefer married Elizabeth Vogt the daughter
of Martin Vogt, an elder at Peter Ermentrout's church.
man William Shaver‏
Born ‎before 1772 at Pennsylvania or Virginia, died ‎after 1806‎, at least 34 years
man Christian Shaver‏‎
Born ‎before 1772‎