woman Mary Fisher‏‎, daughter of Jacob Fisher and N.N.‏.
Born ‎between 1767 and 1780 at Pennsylvania or Virginia, died ‎after Oct 16, 1822 at probably Virginia or West Virginia‎
According to a report from Bill Johnson (WHJPSEA) on 4/16/2000: "You
might have this. It's from Chalkley's Augusta County records. Augusta II
Warnsturff vs. Warnsturff--O.S. 302; N.S.108--Bill, 1818, by Jacob
Warnsturff, James Rose and Catharine, his wife, late Wransturff; William
Dunsmore and Molly, his wife, late Warnsturff, only children of Lewis
Warnsturff, deceased, of Pendleton County, who died intestate, 1801,
leaving widow Mary and above children, infants. Jacob was 8 years old.
Mary was sister of Philip Fisher and in two years married Christopher
Shaver of Greenbrier."
More research is needed to determine whether Mary & Philip's parents were
Philip and his wife Catherine or Philip's brother Jacob & his unknown
wife. "Morton's Pendleton County Families" suggests that Mary was
daughter of Jacob but there is no mention of her brother, Philip (and he
is listed as Philip Jr. in Pendleton County land records).

Married ‎ Mar 6, 1804 at Pendleton County, Virginia (at least 18 years married) to:

man Christopher Shaffer‏‎, son of Paul Shaver and Elizabeth Vogt‏.
Born ‎ Oct 1, 1753 at Pennsylvania, died ‎ Mar 9, 1847 at Morton Township,Tazwell County,Illinois‎, 93 years, buried ‎ at Buckeye Cemetery,Morton Township,Tazwell County,Illinois. Occupation: ‎ at Miller; , 1st marriage to: UNKNOWN Elizabeth, ‎2nd marriage to: Mary Fisher
Alias: Sheffer /Shaver/, Shaeffer or Shafer
From Barbara Ann Shaffer Fetter (direct from family
records,bibles,journals, and confirmed by Census):
born Berks County Pennsylvania circa 1770, lived 93 years 6 months.
Occupation Miller and Farmer. First wife's First wife, Elizabeth's
surname not discovered. Children: George, Peter (in War of 1812),
Elizabeth,and Mary.
Second wife: Mary Fisher-children: Phoebe,Phillip,and Christopher
(Junior) born April 29,1813,Greenbriar/Greenbrier County,WVA.
From Shirley J. Thielbar (HPHT86B@@prodigy.com):
SHAFFER burials in Buckeye Cemetery:
Christopher-died March 9,1847 age 93 yrs, 5 mo, 8 days
According to an email from Keith Shaver (KShaver797@@aol.com on 5/6/2000):
"Mary Fisher was also married twice. First she was married to Lewis
Warnsturff (there are variations of this spelling). Lewis and Mary lived
in Pendleton County and he died. Mary then married Christopher in 1802
or 1803. She had children by her first marriage and they at a later date
filed suit against Christopher and Mary to regain the land their father
had left. For some reason Mary and Christopher seem to have separated or
had some problem because he gives her property in 1818 or so. In the
1829's Christopher sells his property and moves."Keith sent the Articles
of agreement signed to give Mary "the plantation" during her natural
life...signed 16th day of September 1818.
Library of Virginia, Digital Collections Home Page, Electronic Card
Index: Land Office Patents and Grants: Shaffer-Card 2 of 107
(`bin/drawer/disk19/CC150/0475/S1548?2): :Shaffer,
Christopher 10 May 1808 Botetourt County 50a. On Persingers Run, a
branch of Potts Creek which is a branch of Jacksons River. Grants 57,
1807-09, p. 189".
EARLY RECORDS Hampshire County Virginia Compiled by Clara McCormack Sage
and Laura Sage Jones by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore 1976
pg 18 lists Grantor-Grantee Land Deed recorded on 4-18-1796 from Jacob
Fidler (and wife Magdalene) of Hampshire County to a Christopher Shaffer
of Frederick County the following: 250 acres on Mill Creek witnessed by
Edward Dyer, Jost Stimmell, William Baer, John Belzer. According to the
CO WV) 1762-1863, he owned 60 acres on Mill Creek in 1804 while Peter
Shaffer owned land in 1829 on Gibbon's Run and Crooker Run.
1806 Jefferson County Ohio Tax List has a Christopher Shaffer and a Jacob
Shaver listed.
"Grantors: Sydenstricker, Henry Grantees: Christopher Shaffer Book: 7,
Page: 275 Date: 1818 Acres: Location: Mortgage"
I'm not entirely convinced that Christopher Shaffer is son of George
Schaffer (son of George Barthol Schaffer) and Elisabetha Miller Schaffer
or Paul Shaver and Elizabeth Vought Shaver or Peter Schaffer (born 1714
and died in Washington County, MD) although through land records there
are obvious ties to this family. He may be a son, brother, nephew,
cousin....the family tree search continues. Several Shaver/Shaffer
genealogists list him as son of Paul and Elizabeth- but he may be a
grandson of Paul's older brother George Barthol Schaffer (through sons
Peter or George) or another close family member. Some family histories
list only 4 sons of Paul & Elizabeth and do not include Christopher. In
addition, George and Elizabeth Schaffer as parents would follow German
family naming patterns since Christopher's first son was named George and
first daughter named Elizabeth. There were other Shaffer families in
Berks County, PA at the time of Christopher's birth. More research is
needed to be more certain of his parentage.
Could Christopher Shaffer be Christian Schaffer son of Nicolaus/Nicolas
Schaffer( born 1720-1723) and his wife Julianna as listed in Ancester.com
the "Bailey Copenhaver Archives" by

_SEPR16 Sep 1818Greenbrier County, Virginia


woman Phoebe Shaffer‏
Born ‎between 1804 and 1811 at West Virginia, died ‎after 1835‎
Alias: /Phebe/
man Phillip Shaffer‏‎
Born ‎between 1805 and 1812‎
Alias: /Phillip/
man Christopher Shaffer‏
Born ‎ Apr 29, 1813 at Greenbrier County, Virginia (now West Virginia), died ‎ Nov 26, 1900 at Morton Township, Tazwell County,Illinois‎, 87 years, buried ‎ 1900 at Buckeye Cemetery near Morton, Tazewell County, Illinois. Occupation: ‎ at Farmer, wealthy agriculturist & estate owner;
Alias: /Christian/
From Barbara Ann Shaffer Fetter (direct from family
records,bibles,journals,and confirmed by Census):
Occupation: Farmer
Married Elizabeth Cox of Franklin County,Ohio, born Nov 25,1812 died Sep
Children: Orlando (adopted) 1827, Phoebe 4-16-1838, and Lavenia 5-28-1840
In 1841 the Shaffers drove from Ohio to Illinois with all their
possessions in a covered wagon drawn by four horses. On arrival
Christopher sold one team to make payment on a quarter section of la d he
purchased which expanded to 400 acres in Morton Township.
More Children were born in Illinois: Elizaberth Ann in 1842, Sarah Jane
in 1844,
Lewis Madden on November 3,1846, and William in 1848.
From LDS records file 840, reference 2119 (Church of
Latter-Day Saints "Mormon" web-site: www.familysearch.org):
Christopher Shaffer b. 1810 Franklin,Warren,Ohio; married Betsey Cox
Keith Shaver (KShaver797@@aol.com) reports on 4/15/2000: "I just got back
from the library and found a book that has a picture of Christopher
Shaffer and tells about him. He was born in Greenbrier County, VA on
April 29,1813 to Christopher and Mary (Fisher) Shaffer, natives of PA.
The older Christopher was married twice and with the first wife had
George, Peter, Elizabeth and Mary. With the second marriage he had
Phoebe, Philip and Christopher. About 1825 Christopher Shaffer, Sr.
emigrated with his family to Franklin County, Ohio, where he lived a
number of years. Later he went to Tazwell County IL where he died at the
age of 93 years 6 months. I also found that he is buried in the Buckeye
Cemetery. The note says b Apr 29,1813-d. Nov 26,1900 m 29 Dec 1836."
"In 1937 the Illinois Supreme Court interpreted the will of Christopher
Shaffer, who died November 25,1900 leaving 40 acres of land in Tazewell
County, Illinois (near Peoria) to Sarah Jane Shaffer. Mrs. Martha
Evelsizer is described in the court opinion as one of four grandchildren
of the deceased. The Complainant in the case, Susan Levina Dell, was
Martha Evelsizer's granddaughter. Dell v. Herman, 6 N.E.2d 159
(Ill.1937)" ( from THE EVILSIZERS IN LAW- A Synopsis of Evilsizers,
Evilsizors and Evelsizers Appearing in American Judicial Proceedings by
From "Portrait and Biographical Record of Tazewell & Mason Co. Illinois"
pub. Chicago: Biographical Publishing Co. 1894 p. 351-352: "CHRISTOPHER
SHAFFER. This gentleman is one of the many who have spent the greater
portion of their lives in developing the country in order that their
children and grandchildren might enjoy the advantages which they
themselves were denied. In truth, we to-day are the "heirs of all ages"
and profit by the labor and self denial of the hard working classes of
times past. Our subject is one of the wealthy agriculturists of Tazewell
County, and is now living on section 23, Morton Township, where he has a
valuable estate. A native of Greenbrier County, Va., our subject was
born April 29,1813, to Christopher and Mary (Fisher) Shaffer, natives of
Pennsylvania. The former was reared on a farm in the Keystone State, and
when a young man emigrated to Virginia, where he married. He was a
miller by trade and followed that occupation through life, together with
that of farming. He was twice married, and by his first wife became the
father of four children, George, Peter (a soldier in the War of 1812),
Elizabeth and Mary. By his union with the mother of our subject there
were born three children, Phoebe, Phillip and Christopher. About 1825
Christopher Shaffer, Sr., emigrated with his family to Franklin County,
Ohio, where he lived for a number of years. Later he came to this couny,
making his home with our subject until his decease, which occurred at the
advanced age of ninety-three years

2nd marriage
woman Mary Fisher‏‎, daughter of Jacob Fisher and N.N.‏.

Married ‎ Oct 20, 1792 at South Fork Mts., Pendleton County, Virginia (8 or 9 years married) to:

man Lewis Warnsturff‏‎, son of Unknown Wanstaff and UNKNOWN Barbara‏.
Born ‎± 1768 at Virginia, died ‎ 1801 at Monroe, Pendleton County, West Virginia‎, approximately 33 years
Alias: /Warnsturf\Warnstorf\Warnstaff\Wanstaf\Wamanstaff/
Morton's Pendleton County Families list a child, Mary who married
Christopher Shaver in 1804 (this was his widow).
Lewis Wamanstaff is found in April 11, 1772 court records as aged 4
years, to be bound to Ludwick Wagoner because his "father has run away".
From the research of Sandra Pope (LHPope@@aol.com): "Lewis Wansturph by
virtue of a land office treasury warrant offered March 12, 1783 granted
30 acres bearing date Jan. 21, 1799 on the southeast side of Sweedlin
Hill adjoining his own Miller, Mitchell, and Paups land." Also from
Sandra Pope: "Will Book 1, page 344 Mary Warnsturff and Philip Fisher
bond for Lewis Warnsturff March 1801."
Chalkey: "Warnsturff vs. Warnsturff--O.S. 302; N.S. 108-Bill, 1818, by
Jacorb Warnsturff, James Rose and Catherine, his wife, l, ate Warnsturff,
William Dunsmore and Molly, his wife, late Warnsturff, only children of
Lewis Warnsturff, deceased, of Pendleton County, who died, intestate,
1801, leaving widow Mary and above children, infants. Jacob was 8 years
old. Mary was sister of Philip Fisher and in two years married
Christopher Shaver of Greenbrier."


man Jacob Warnstaff‏
Born ‎ Apr 11, 1793 at Potts Creek, Monroe, Virginia (now West Virginia), died ‎ Jun 22, 1897 at Sweedland, Pendleton County, West Virginia‎, buried ‎ at Warnstaff Cemetery, Sweedlin Valley on the Fletcher Pope Road, Pendleton Co. Occupation: ‎ at Farmer;
Alias: /Wanstaff/
Morton's Pendleton County Families lists Noah as a son of the Br.
(brother?) of Jacob, not Jacob's son as listed here. Pendleton County
Graves Register list him as Jacob Warnstaff 1793-1850. Sandra Pope,
researcher (LHPope@@aol.com) lists his death in August 1850.
woman Catharine Warnsturf‏
Born ‎before 1801‎
Alias: /Wanstaff/
woman Mary Margaret Warnsturf‏
Born ‎± 1800 at Greenbrier County, Virginia (now West Virginia), died ‎ 1843 at Greenbrier County, Virginia (now West Virginia)‎, approximately 43 years
Alias: Molly or Milly A. /Wanstaff/