man Aethelred I of England, King of England‏‎, son of Aethelwulf of Wessex, King of England 839-856 and Osburga of the Isle of Wight‏.
Born ‎between 840 and 843, died ‎ Apr 23, 871 at Basing/Merton‎, buried ‎ 871 at Sherborne Abbey, Wimborne, Dorset, England. Occupation: ‎between 866 and 871 at King of England, Saint Aethelred;
Alias: Aethelraed of /Wessex/
According to Brian Tompsett, UK genealogist
"The vikings launced a full scale invasion of England. He died after his
victory at Ashdown leaving his brother to fight on. Some say buried at
Sherborne Abbey. He was reputed as a Saint after his death."

Married ‎± 868 to:

woman UNKNOWN Wulfthryth‏‎
Born ‎between 835 and 845, died ‎after 868‎


man Aethelhelm of Wiltshire, Ealdorman of Wiltshire‏
Born ‎± 859, died ‎ 898 at England‎, approximately 39 years. Occupations: ‎ at Ealdorman of Wiltshire, England; , ‎ at Ealdorman of Wiltshire;
man Aethelwald of York, King of York‏‎
Born ‎± 868‎. Occupation: ‎ at King of York;
woman Elgiva Saxe-Wessex‏
Born ‎between 860 and 865 at Wessex, England‎