man Sthreshley Taylor‏‎, son of Samuel Taylor and Susanna UPSHAW‏.
Born ‎ Apr 23, 1788 at Urbanna, VA, died ‎ Sep 17, 1871 at Urbanna, VA‎, 83 years, buried ‎ Sep 19, 1871 at Taylor/Carneal Cemetery, Essex County, VA
REFN: 29

According to a 1953 letter from Charles A. Taylor, Jr (and other family members) Streshley Taylor is buried in a cemetery at "the old home place" in Essex County. Aphrey Moody, his wife is also noted to have been buried in this same cemetery.

The October 26, 1871 (Volume 6 No.43) issue of The Religious Herald carried Obituaries on Aphrey and Streshley Taylor,, but spelled his name without the "S" as " Threshley" Taylor. They died within a month of each other.

On Tuesday December 5, 2000, Melanie Marquis, great ganddaughter of Bernice Marie Carneal, Steven Taylor Brooks, Jean and DeWitt Taylor Brooks, finally located what we feel is the "The Old Home Place" and burial site of many of our ancestors. A beautifully engraved flat granite headstone contains the names of: Sthreshley Taylor, his wife, Aphrey Moody Taylor, Albert Sthreshley Taylor, Jane Alice CridlinTaylor, Lucy Anne Taylor Gary, Mary Ida Taylor, James Cridlin's Infant Son, Freddie Carneal, William A. Carneal, WIllitam A. Carneal and Cora Carneal. These engraved names agree exactly with those containted in the 1953 letter from Charles A. Taylor, Jr. to my father requesting a contribution for this gravemarker, mentioned above. The site is located today on the farm of Mr. Lawrence B. Andrews at 5695 Mt. Landing Road several miles south of Tappahannock, VA The family burial site has even been referred to as the "Cemetery at the Old Home Place."

This plot, although a part of the larger tract owned by Lawrence B. Andrews with his home at Paynfield can be reached by turning on Rt. 619 off of Rt. 360 which runs between Richmond and Tappahannock, VA. Rt. 619 is also labeled as Kino Road. Passing Dunborroks Hunt Club on the right, turn left on Sunnyside Road (Rt 619). Turn right on Crittenden's Mill Road (which is Rt 717. Proceed about a mile and enter the farm area between two oak posts on each side of the entrance road. The home has been razed but the cemetery is still visible just beyond where it probably stood.

Married ‎ Dec 16, 1815 at Essex County, VA (55 years married) to:

woman Aphrey Moody‏‎, daughter of Lewis Moody and Sarah Moody UNKNOWN‏.
Born ‎ Apr 12, 1795 at Essex County, VA, died ‎ Aug 27, 1871 at Essex County, VA‎, 76 years, buried ‎ Aug 29, 1871 at Taylor/Carneal Cemetery, Essex County, VA. Occupation: ‎ at Daughter of Lewis Moody;
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Aphrey Moody, Essex County, VA is the daughter of Lewis Moody and his wife Sarah. Aphrey was the aunt of Colonel W. Lewis Moody (CSA) who later became a rather wealthy banker and cotton dealer in Galveston, TX. Colonel Moody was born in Essex County, VA on May 19, 1828. He attended the University of Virginia from 1847 to 1851, and after passing the bar exam, he set out for the burgeoning state of Texas. He settled originally in Fairfield and practiced law there.
According to a letter from Charles A. Taylor, Jr., Taylor Roane Carneal, and Preston P. Taylor dated November 23, 1953, Sthreshley Taylor and Aphrey Moody Taylor, his wife were buried in a "cemetery plot on the old place in Essex County." As of 1999, we have been unable to pipoint the "Old Place." The 1953 letter does indicate the graves have been located but the plot has been plowed over.


Aphrey was the daughter of Lewis Moody and his wife, Sarah. She was also an aunt of Colonel W.W. Moody (CSA) who left Virginia for the frontier in Galveston, TX where he accumulated great wealth in cotton sales, and banking.


woman Julia Ann Taylor‏
Born ‎ Nov 19, 1816‎
REFN: 40
man Lewis Lunford Taylor‏‎
Born ‎ Sep 19, 1818, died ‎± ABT. 1819‎, approximately 1 years
REFN: 41
man William Lunsford Taylor‏‎
Born ‎ Feb 13, 1821, died ‎± ABT. 1822‎, approximately 1 years
REFN: 42
woman Mary Susan Taylor‏‎
Born ‎ Jan 13, 1823‎
REFN: 328
man Albert Sthreshley Taylor‏‎
Born ‎ Mar 6, 1825, died ‎ Jan 1899 at Urbanna, VA‎, 73 years, buried ‎ Jan 1899 at Taylor/Carneal Family Cemetery - Essex County, VA
REFN: 23

It appears all the Taylor family was quite prominent in Essex and Middlesex Counties and owned extensive real estate in the town of Urbanna, VA.
Urbanna is the second largest town in Middlesex County. Urbanna, meaning City of Anne, was created in 1680. Then the Urbanna Creek was named Wormeley Creek. Later the creek was named Nimcock Creek after a tribe of Indians in the Urbanna area.
Three centuries ago, boats entered Urbanna Creek from London, Liverpool, Bristol, and Glasgow bringing people, goods and merchandise and loading tobacco for the return trip. Along with ships came pirates. When pirates were captured they would be hanged and left to dangle as a warning to other mariners considering straying from the right life..
Tobacco in great quantities was exported from Urbanna. Tobacco as well as corn was grown on nearby plantations and brought to the Old Tobacco Warehouse for inspection. Then it was shipped through Urbanna, whose Prettymans Rolling Road was alive with hogsheads of tobacco headed for ships. Tobacco in those days was the main crop in Middlesex County.
The Old Tobacco Warehouse (which is not a warehouse at all) was the building where the tobacco leaf was inspected. Later, it was made into the Urbanna Public Library which has recently moved to a newer building.
Another historical house in Urbanna is the Gressit House. This house was built in 1740. This was before the era of the tobacco business. The Gressit House is located next to the Tobacco Warehouse. The house once belonged to the harbor master and if you open the door going to the roof of the front porch you will have a great view of the Urbanna Creek. It was the house that William Clark left to go explore the Northwest Territory.
The last historical house is the Customs House. In this house there is an unusual rear wall where business was conducted. An old vault in the basement confirms that there were many uses for this building. This house has belonged to the family of the Virginia Governor Andrew Jackson Montague since 1934.
According to a 1953 letter from Charles A. Taylor, Jr (and Other family members)

man James Washington Taylor‏‎
Born ‎ Apr 10, 1827‎. Occupation: ‎ at Thought to be a soldier in Mexican War;
REFN: 44
woman Sarah Elizabeth Taylor‏‎
Born ‎ Jul 19, 1830‎
REFN: 45
man George Henry Taylor‏‎
Born ‎ Feb 11, 1832 at Essex County, VA‎. Occupation: ‎± ABT. 1881 at Farmer, according to marriage license information.Essex County, VA;
REFN: 46
woman Lucy Ann Taylor‏‎
Born ‎ Jun 12, 1834 at Essex County, VA, died ‎ at Urbanna, VA, buried ‎ UNKNOWN at Taylor/Carneal Family Cemetery - Essex County, VA
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