man George Daniel Query‏‎, son of Johann Nicolaus Quirin and Anna Margaretha Bauer‏.
Born ‎ Aug 5, 1754 at Berks County,Pennsylvania, baptized ‎ Aug 12, 1754 at Christ Lutheran Church,Bieber Creek,Berks County,Pennsylvania, died ‎± 1837 at Montgomery County,Maryland‎, approximately 83 years
Nickname: Daniel
Also Known As:<_AKA> Georg Daniel Quierin
Military: Private Daniel Quary, 6th class, appears on the muster roll ofthe Middle Battalion of the Montgomery County, Militia, 2nd Company,commanded by Colonel Archibald Orme on July 15, 1780. This militiacompany was ordered to Georgetown in June 1781 to meet a threat by LordCornwallis' forces, who were in northern Virginia, plundering and burningat will. When the threat soon passed, the militia troops weredischarged. According to "Revolutionary Patriots of Montgomery County,Maryland. 1776-1783" by Henry Peden, Daniel Quiry acted in the roll of acommissary (cook) in 1781. Part of his duties were to gather supplies ofwheat, probably for baking bread. He did this repeatedly, as there areabout 40 receipts written by Daniel "Quiry" to various people in Marylandfor wheat that bear dates ranging from March 3, 1781 to June 6, 1783.

BIOGRAPHY: The 1783 tax list of Montgomery County, Maryland lists DanielQuary, of Sugarland and Upper Potomac Hundred. When Daniel's fatherdied, he left ư of his 223-acre farm and gristmill to him, with theprovision that it be shared and shared alike, with his brother Henry.Daniel is listed in the census records of Montgomery County, Maryland in1790, 1800, 1810, 1820 and 1830. He operated his father's mill. He didnot own any slaves. On March 31, 1837, Solomon, George and David Quary,Elizabeth Young, Sarah Wood and husband John, Hannah Spohn and husbandDavid and Rebecca Nichols, the children of Daniel Quary, "late ofMontgomery County", filed to represent their brother John Quary, labeleda "lunatic", in the sale of the property (Liber BS4 page 12 JudgmentRecord (120 1837). On July 19, 1837, the siblings took John Query tocourt, having William O. Chappelle appointed trustee over the estate,authorizing him to sell the land. The 223-acre farm of Daniel Query,Rockville, Maryland, was sold to Samuel West on January 20, 1840 for$559.18, or $2.50 per acre. Source: The Family of John Nicholas Query -A Great-Great-Great Grandfather of President Dwight David Eisenhower, ByPatrick R. Pearsey, 2000.

Married ‎ Nov 9, 1779 at Montgomery County,Maryland (approximately 58 years married) to:


Daniel and Eva Query belonged to the Evangelical Lutheran Church ofFrederick, in Frederick County, Maryland. The records of theirchildren's baptisms are recorded there. Daniel and Eva Query tookcommunion there on Easter Sunday, April 15, 1781. On June 7, 1785, EvaMaria, wife of Daniel Quiri, took communion there with Daniel's parents.They also baptized their son Solomon Query that day.