woman Suzanne Margaret Query‏‎, daughter of Johann Nicolaus Quirin and Anna Margaretha Bauer‏.
Born ‎ Nov 10, 1748 at Alsace,France, died ‎ Aug 17, 1817 at Floyd County,Virginia‎, 68 years
Also Known As:<_AKA> Susannah Margaretha Quierin
BIOGRAPHY: On February 3, 1771, Susanna Margaretha Quierin served assponsor to the christening of her nephew Johan Jacob Mertz, at the MertzChurch. She did the same on August 18, 1776, still using the nameQuierin. Source: The Family of John Nicholas Query - A Great-Great-GreatGrandfather of President Dwight David Eisenhower, By Patrick R. Pearsey,2000.

Married ‎± 1776 (approximately 41 years married) to:


Jacob Tice was listed on the 1783 tax roll of Montgomery County,Maryland, Sugarland and Upper Potomac Hundred. On June 8th of that year,Jacob "Teusl" , a variant spelling of Tice, witnessed the wedding of AdamSchindler to Susannah Tice's sister Christina. The Tice's were living inMaryland in 1786. Within a short time, they moved across the state lineto Strasburg, in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Jacob and Susannabelonged to the St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Strasburg.Jacob "Theiss" and three other members subscribed to a fund whichpurchased the first pipe organ from Germany for the church, on December27, 1794. Jacob and Susanna served as sponsors for a christening at St.Paul's on February 17, 1799. Jacob Tice received a land patent on August8, 1803 for 70 acres located in Montgomery County, Virginia. It was on abranch of the south fork of Little River, on the waters of the New River.Jacob settled this land in 1806. "Jacob Theis" and family, 7 in all,were among the charter members of the Zion Lutheran Church of MontgomeryCounty, signing a charter dated May 10, 1813. Among the early entriesof the church register were the following: Jacob Theis and wife,communicants on May 21, 1815, November 26, 1815 and September 29, 1816.Susanna (Quierin) Tice died on August 17, 1817. The land they lived onbecame known later as Floyd County, Virginia. Jacob Tice Sr. died thereon April 29, 1824, aged 84. He is buried in the Zion Lutheran ChurchCemetery, Floyd County, Virginia. Source: The Family of John NicholasQuery - A Great-Great-Great Grandfather of President Dwight DavidEisenhower, By Patrick R. Pearsey, 2000.