man Johann Nicolaus Quirin‏‎, son of Hans Jacob Quirin and Anna Margaretha Quirin‏.
Born ‎ Dec 17, 1714 at Wolfskirchen,Alsace,France, died ‎ Nov 24, 1788 at Rockville,Montgomery County,Maryland‎, 73 years, buried ‎ at Query Family Plot,Rockville,Montgomery County,Maryland
Nickname: Nicholas
Also Known As:<_AKA> Nicholaus Query
BIOGRAPHY: Johann Nicolaus Quirin was born December 16, 1714 in the townof Wolfskirchen, in Alsace, France to Hans Jacob and Margaret (Quirin)Quirin. In 1728 he received communion. He was a member of theWolfskirchen Lutheran Church. He married Ana Margaretha Bauer sometimearound 1738. In 1752 he took his wife and children to the city ofRotterdam. There, they boarded the English ship Halifax for a journey toAmerica. A sister Elizabeth Stroh had immigrated to Pennsylvania in1749. After a stop at Cowes, England, the Halifax crossed the Atlanticand arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Friday, September 22, 1752.Johann signed the oath of allegiance at the statehouse as "Hans NickelQuierin." "Quierin" was the spelling his family would use on themajority of documents they were found on from that date until the 1780's."Nicholas" was the name he went by throughout his life. He settled inRockland Township of Berks County, Pennsylvania, attending the ChristLutheran Church located in the town of Dryville. It was commonly knownas the Mertz Church. He relocated to Maxitawney Township by 1767, butmaintained membership in the church. In 1778, "John Quorden" signed aloyalty oath in Montgomery County, Maryland. On May 8, 1779, NicholasQuery, as he now called himself, purchased a 223-acre farm in MontgomeryCounty, Maryland, known as "Maiden's Bower", "Resurvey of Rich Meadows"and "Montross". He purchased it from Samuel Boone, cousin offrontiersman Daniel Boone. Samuel Boone ran a firearms factory thatsupplied weapons to the rebels and was in need of cash badly by 1779. Astream called Muddy Creek bisected his farm. On it, Nicholas built agrist and saw mill. He was a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Churchof Frederick, Frederick County, Maryland. The records of that churchshow that "Nickolas Queri" took communion with his wife Margareth on May19, 1782 and on June 7, 1783. Nicholas wrote his will on October 13,1788. John Nicholas Query died in Montgomery County, Maryland onNovember 14, 1788, age 73. His will was probated December 15, 1788. Init, he made the following bequests to his children: Sons Daniel andHenry: The whole of my land, to them and their heirs forever to bedivided between them, share and share alike so as to make it of equalvalue to each of them on their jointly paying the following sums of moneyto their five sisters at the times mentioned, Viz: Fifteen pounds commoncurrency to Mary Ann March within one year after my wife's decease.Twenty-five pounds within one year to Christine Schindler after my wife'sdecease. Twenty-five pounds to my other three daughters Catherine March,Elizabeth Humbert and Susannah Tice each like money within one year of mywife's decease. Source: The Family of John Nicholas Query - AGreat-Great-Great Grandfather of President Dwight David Eisenhower, ByPatrick R. Pearsey, 2000.

BURIAL: The family burial ground of the Query�s is on the above property,which was known as the Haywire Farm in the late 1900s. A Mr. HarrySteidle of Germantown, Maryland then owned it. He sold the farm and theland was turned into a housing development. He retained enough of it forhis own house and the Query Family Cemetery. Of all the Query�s buriedthere, only two stones remained by the 1970s. One has the inscription�Died the 24 November, 1788, John Nicolus Query — Was born the 17 ofDecember 1714�. The other one is apparently for his granddaughterCharlotte (daughter of Daniel Query). Its inscription reads �CQC, BornJuly, 1801, died April 26, 1826.� She married William Counselman onMarch 2, 1826.

Married ‎± 1738 (approximately 50 years married) to:

woman Anna Margaretha Bauer‏‎
Born ‎ at Germany, died ‎after Oct 1793 at Montgomery County,Maryland
BIOGRAPHY: Margareth Query, widow of John Nicholas Query, took communionon May 31, 1789 and on October 1, 1793. That is the last time she wasknown to be alive. Source: The Family of John Nicholas Query - AGreat-Great-Great Grandfather of President Dwight David Eisenhower, ByPatrick R. Pearsey, 2000.



woman Maria Elizabeth Query‏
Born ‎± 1741 at Alsace,France, died ‎after 1788‎
Also Known As:<_AKA> Maria Elisabeth Quierin
BIOGRAPHY: Maria Elisabeth Quierin, born about 1741 in Alsace, France toJohann and Margaretha (Bauer) Quirin. The earliest record of Elisabethas she was known, is found in the records of the Christ Lutheran Churchon Bieber Creek, Berks County, Pennsylvania, known as the "Mertz" Church.In 1759 she served as sponsor to the christening of two children ofJacob and Elisabetha Stirner. On April 14, 1765 and August 30, 1766,Maria Elizabetha Quierin served as sponsor when her nieces CatherinaMertz and Maria Elisabetha Mertz were baptized at the Mertz Church. Onthe baptismal record of Johan Jacob Vogee in the Mertz Church on August10, 1766, Jacob Humbert and Elisabeth Quiertin were listed as sponsors.In 1768, her husband Jacob Humbert purchased land at Monacacy, inFrederick County, Maryland. His family attended the Evangelical LutheranChurch at Monacacy. By 1781 they were members of the EvangelicalLutheran Church of Frederick, in Frederick County. On August 31, 1781,Fridrich Nenner, a 26-year old from Bobenhausen, who came with the troopsof the Burgundian Convention, died at Jacob Humbert's home of a feverousdisease. Jacob Humbert received a payment of 5 lbs, 11 shillings fromthe Western Treasurer on October 23, 1782. On June 8, 1783, JacobHumbert witnessed the wedding of Adam Schindler to Christina Query,sister of his wife Maria in the Lutheran Church at Frederick. He did thesame on April 16, 1786 for the wedding of Heinrich Query, brother ofElisabeth, to Anna Maria Stroever. Elisabeth Humbert is listed in thewill of "Nicholas Quary", probated December 15, 1788 in MontgomeryCounty, Maryland. Source: The Family of John Nicholas Query - AGreat-Great-Great Grandfather of President Dwight David Eisenhower, ByPatrick R. Pearsey, 2000.
woman Catherine Query‏
Born ‎± 1743 at Alsace,France, died ‎after 1796 at Berks County,Pennsylvania‎, buried ‎ at Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery,Bieber Creek,Berks County,Pennsylvania
Also Known As:<_AKA> Catharina Quierin
BIOGRAPHY: On November 29, 1761, Catharina Quierin was a sponsor forMaria Bauer at the Mertz Church. On April 1, 1763, Catharina Quierin wasa sponsor for the christening of Joh Georg Zimmerman. Catharina andhusband Johan Philip Mertz were members of the Mertz Church in RocklandTownship of Berks County for a number of years. Philip Mertz served asco-executor of his brother Henry's will, March 31, 1789, Berks County.Philip and Catharine Mertz sponsored a grandson's baptism, that ofAbraham Deep, on January 16, 1791 and that of Johannes Mertz on September17, 1796. Source: The Family of John Nicholas Query - AGreat-Great-Great Grandfather of President Dwight David Eisenhower, ByPatrick R. Pearsey, 2000.
woman Suzanne Margaret Query‏
Born ‎ Nov 10, 1748 at Alsace,France, died ‎ Aug 17, 1817 at Floyd County,Virginia‎, 68 years
Also Known As:<_AKA> Susannah Margaretha Quierin
BIOGRAPHY: On February 3, 1771, Susanna Margaretha Quierin served assponsor to the christening of her nephew Johan Jacob Mertz, at the MertzChurch. She did the same on August 18, 1776, still using the nameQuierin. Source: The Family of John Nicholas Query - A Great-Great-GreatGrandfather of President Dwight David Eisenhower, By Patrick R. Pearsey,2000.
woman Anna Maria Query‏
Born ‎± 1752 at Alsace,France, died ‎after 1797‎
Nickname: Mary
Also Known As:<_AKA> Anna Maria Quierin
BIOGRAPHY: On September 17, 1769 at the Mertz Church in Berks County,Pennsylvania, Anna sponsored the christening of Anna Maria Mertz, aniece. On November 15, 1772, she appears again, sponsoring thechristening of Philipp Henrich Mertz, a nephew. Source: The Family ofJohn Nicholas Query - A Great-Great-Great Grandfather of President DwightDavid Eisenhower, By Patrick R. Pearsey, 2000.
man George Daniel Query‏
Born ‎ Aug 5, 1754 at Berks County,Pennsylvania, baptized ‎ Aug 12, 1754 at Christ Lutheran Church,Bieber Creek,Berks County,Pennsylvania, died ‎± 1837 at Montgomery County,Maryland‎, approximately 83 years
Nickname: Daniel
Also Known As:<_AKA> Georg Daniel Quierin
Military: Private Daniel Quary, 6th class, appears on the muster roll ofthe Middle Battalion of the Montgomery County, Militia, 2nd Company,commanded by Colonel Archibald Orme on July 15, 1780. This militiacompany was ordered to Georgetown in June 1781 to meet a threat by LordCornwallis' forces, who were in northern Virginia, plundering and burningat will. When the threat soon passed, the militia troops weredischarged. According to "Revolutionary Patriots of Montgomery County,Maryland. 1776-1783" by Henry Peden, Daniel Quiry acted in the roll of acommissary (cook) in 1781. Part of his duties were to gather supplies ofwheat, probably for baking bread. He did this repeatedly, as there areabout 40 receipts written by Daniel "Quiry" to various people in Marylandfor wheat that bear dates ranging from March 3, 1781 to June 6, 1783.

BIOGRAPHY: The 1783 tax list of Montgomery County, Maryland lists DanielQuary, of Sugarland and Upper Potomac Hundred. When Daniel's fatherdied, he left ư of his 223-acre farm and gristmill to him, with theprovision that it be shared and shared alike, with his brother Henry.Daniel is listed in the census records of Montgomery County, Maryland in1790, 1800, 1810, 1820 and 1830. He operated his father's mill. He didnot own any slaves. On March 31, 1837, Solomon, George and David Quary,Elizabeth Young, Sarah Wood and husband John, Hannah Spohn and husbandDavid and Rebecca Nichols, the children of Daniel Quary, "late ofMontgomery County", filed to represent their brother John Quary, labeleda "lunatic", in the sale of the property (Liber BS4 page 12 JudgmentRecord (120 1837). On July 19, 1837, the siblings took John Query tocourt, having William O. Chappelle appointed trustee over the estate,authorizing him to sell the land. The 223-acre farm of Daniel Query,Rockville, Maryland, was sold to Samuel West on January 20, 1840 for$559.18, or $2.50 per acre. Source: The Family of John Nicholas Query -A Great-Great-Great Grandfather of President Dwight David Eisenhower, ByPatrick R. Pearsey, 2000.
woman Christina Query‏
Born ‎ Jul 9, 1757 at Berks County,Pennsylvania, baptized ‎ Jul 31, 1757 at Mertz Evangelical Lutheran Church,Berks County,Pennsylvania, died ‎after 1814 at Virginia‎, at least 57 years
Also Known As:<_AKA> Quierin
man Johan Jacob Query‏‎
Born ‎± 1758, baptized ‎ Apr 16, 1758 at Berks County,Pennsylvania, died ‎ DecEASED‎
DEATH: It's likely that he died in infancy. Source: The Family of JohnNicholas Query - A Great-Great-Great Grandfather of President DwightDavid Eisenhower, By Patrick R. Pearsey, 2000.
man Henry Query‏
Born ‎ Jan 6, 1760 at Berks County,Pennsylvania, baptized ‎ Feb 24, 1760 at Mertz Evangelical Lutheran Church,Berks County,Pennsylvania, died ‎ 1820/1830 at Montgomery County,Maryland‎, approximately 60 years
Nickname: Henry
Also Known As:<_AKA> Johan Henrich Quierin
BIOGRAPHY: Heinrich, or Henry as he was later known, sponsored nieceChristina Mertz on June 26, 1776 and niece Esther Mertz on March 16, 1777at the Mertz Church. Heinrich took communion at the FredericktownLutheran Church in Frederick County, Maryland on December 24, 1780 andDecember 25, 1783. On April 16, 1786, at the Evangelical LutheranChurch at Frederick, in Frederick County, Maryland, Henry married AnnaMaria Stroever, daughter of Joachim Straeffer. It is unlikely that Henryis the same man as the Henry Quier/Queer who enlisted in the GermanRegiment during the American Revolution, on July 13, 1776 from FrederickCounty, Maryland and was discharged July 29, 1779. Henry Quary islisted as living in Sugarland and Upper Potomac Hundred of MontgomeryCounty, Maryland, 1783. Henry Query reported a stolen mare to thenewspaper of Montgomery County, Maryland on June 7, 1797. It reported helived eight miles from the courthouse. He was listed as "Henry Quary"in the 1790 and 1800 census records of Montgomery County. In the 1790census, he had a wife and three white females living with him. By 1800,Henry had a female age 26-45 in his home (his wife) and one aged 16-16.In 1810, Henry had a female over 45 and a female aged 16-26 in his home.He was not found in the 1820 census of Maryland, apparently having diedbetween the ages of 50 and 60. Source: The Family of John Nicholas Query- A Great-Great-Great Grandfather of President Dwight David Eisenhower,By Patrick R. Pearsey, 2000.