woman Maria Elizabeth Query‏‎, daughter of Johann Nicolaus Quirin and Anna Margaretha Bauer‏.
Born ‎± 1741 at Alsace,France, died ‎after 1788‎
Also Known As:<_AKA> Maria Elisabeth Quierin
BIOGRAPHY: Maria Elisabeth Quierin, born about 1741 in Alsace, France toJohann and Margaretha (Bauer) Quirin. The earliest record of Elisabethas she was known, is found in the records of the Christ Lutheran Churchon Bieber Creek, Berks County, Pennsylvania, known as the "Mertz" Church.In 1759 she served as sponsor to the christening of two children ofJacob and Elisabetha Stirner. On April 14, 1765 and August 30, 1766,Maria Elizabetha Quierin served as sponsor when her nieces CatherinaMertz and Maria Elisabetha Mertz were baptized at the Mertz Church. Onthe baptismal record of Johan Jacob Vogee in the Mertz Church on August10, 1766, Jacob Humbert and Elisabeth Quiertin were listed as sponsors.In 1768, her husband Jacob Humbert purchased land at Monacacy, inFrederick County, Maryland. His family attended the Evangelical LutheranChurch at Monacacy. By 1781 they were members of the EvangelicalLutheran Church of Frederick, in Frederick County. On August 31, 1781,Fridrich Nenner, a 26-year old from Bobenhausen, who came with the troopsof the Burgundian Convention, died at Jacob Humbert's home of a feverousdisease. Jacob Humbert received a payment of 5 lbs, 11 shillings fromthe Western Treasurer on October 23, 1782. On June 8, 1783, JacobHumbert witnessed the wedding of Adam Schindler to Christina Query,sister of his wife Maria in the Lutheran Church at Frederick. He did thesame on April 16, 1786 for the wedding of Heinrich Query, brother ofElisabeth, to Anna Maria Stroever. Elisabeth Humbert is listed in thewill of "Nicholas Quary", probated December 15, 1788 in MontgomeryCounty, Maryland. Source: The Family of John Nicholas Query - AGreat-Great-Great Grandfather of President Dwight David Eisenhower, ByPatrick R. Pearsey, 2000.

Married ‎ 1768 at Berks County,Pennsylvania (at least 20 years married) to: