man James Stuart‏‎, son of Duncan Stuart and Ann Winchester‏.
Born ‎ Oct 8, 1664 at Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, died ‎ Sep 17, 1750 at Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts‎, 85 years
Bibliographic Information:
Stuart, Joseph A.
Genealogical History of the DuncanStuart Family in America.
Caxton Press. 1894
James Stua rt, son of Duncan, as he styles himself in the deed of 1718,
was born in Newbu ry Oct. 8, 1664, and with his wife Elizabeth had
James, July 19, 1688; Charles , Jan. 16, 1690; then moved to Rowley and
had Edward, Sept. 20, 1693; Abigail, Nov. 26, 1695; Solomon, July 24,
1698; Benjamin, Mar. 3, 1700-buried Mar. 20, 1702; David, Jan. 9,
1702-choked to death by a copper coin, Jan. 10, 1706; an d at Boxford,
Moses, July 9, 1712. In the deed of 1718 he is recorded a s of
Boxford, and in one of Mar. 17, 1724, as of Bradford, buying back land
i n Rowley. His wife probably died 29th Dec., 1747, as in the book of
deaths in Rowley there is the record of "the wife of James Stewart"
dying then. James is recorded, "died, James Stewart in his 86th year,
17th Sept.,1750."
Presumabl y of his son James I find a marriage record of "James
Stewart and Sarah Prime. both of Rowley, 23 June, 1733." Also the
marriage record of "James Stewart an d Mary Boynton, both of Rowley,
11th Jan. or June, 1742."
She was a daughter of Jonathan Boynton and born 21st of Aug.,
1720; the marriage dates are from d ifferent volumes, vols. VI and X'X,
of Essex Institute Historical Collections, as given to me. This
marriage could hardly refer to James, son of Duncan or to his son, on
account of disparity in age, but rather to a great-grandson of Duncan.
Mary's mother married David Gage, of Bradford,May 12, of the same
yea r. A marriage is recorded of James Stewart and Sarah Prime, both of
Rowley, 25 June, 1733, probably James' son, then 45 years old. James
daughter Abigail se ems to have married John Yell, of Ipswich, 29 Nov.,
1736, she then being 42 ye ars old. His son Solomon, born 1698, and
wife Martha have a record of Benjamin , Jan. 26, 1729; Solomon, Jan.
14, 1730; Phineas, Mar. 27, 1732.
A Daniel, so n of Solomon, was baptised at Salem, middle precinct, now
South Danvers, Nov. 24, 1734; also William, in March, 1737.--A Solomon
kept a store in Boxford abo ut 1730, where he sold stationery,
and later a William was a stationer there. In Boxford is the record of
"William Stuart married Abigaell Standly, M ar. 3, 1736; also "George
and Sarah Stuart had:--Sarah, July 4, 1745; William, March 24, 1746;
George, Dec. 16,1748." Whether these belong to James' record I could
not decide.

Married ‎ 1687 (44 or 45 years married) to:

woman Elizabeth Cash‏‎
Born ‎± 1668 at Bradford, Massachusetts, died ‎ Oct 28, 1732 at Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts‎, approximately 64 years


man James Stuart‏‎
Born ‎ Jul 19, 1688 at Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts‎
man Charles Stuart‏‎
Born ‎ Jan 16, 1689/90 at Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts‎
man Edward Stuart‏‎
Born ‎ Sep 20, 1693 at Rowley, Massachusetts‎
woman Abigail Stuart‏‎
Born ‎ Nov 26, 1695 at Rowley, Massachusetts‎
man Solomon Stuart‏‎
Born ‎ Jul 24, 1698 at Rowley, Massachusetts‎
man Benjamin Stuart‏‎
Born ‎ Mar 3, 1699/00 at Rowley, Massachusetts, died ‎ Mar 20, 1701/02 at Rowley, Massachusetts‎, approximately 2 years
man David Stuart‏‎
Born ‎ Jan 9, 1701/02 at Rowley, Massachusetts, died ‎ Jan 10, 1705/06 at Rowley, Massachusetts‎, approximately 4 years
Choked to death by a copper coin
woman Hannah Stuart‏
Born ‎ Apr 22, 1705 at Rowley, Massachusetts‎
woman Elizabeth Stuart‏
Born ‎ Nov 10, 1706 at Rowley, Massachusetts, died ‎ 1748 at Kensington, New Hampshire‎, 41 or 42 years
man Moses Stuart‏‎
Born ‎ Jul 9, 1712 at Boxford, Massachusetts‎

2nd marriage
man James Stuart‏‎, son of Duncan Stuart and Ann Winchester‏.

Married ‎ Jun 25, 1733 at Rowley, Massachusetts (17 years married) to:

woman Sarah Paine‏‎