man Duncan Stuart‏‎, son of Duncan Stuart and Helen Margaret Campbell‏.
Born ‎ Aug 23, 1623 at Scotland, died ‎ Aug 30, 1717 at Rowley, Massachusetts‎, 94 years
Early New England Settlers, 1600's - 1800's
Ancestral Heads of New England Families, Surnames. by Frank R. Holmes, pg. 228
Duncan Stuart (Stewart), shipwright, brother of Alexander, Newbury, Mass., 1659, removed Rowley, Mass., 1669

The First Settlers of New England, pg. 274
STEWART, DUNCAN, one of the early settlers of Newbury, d. in Rowley, in 1717 a. 100 years
Captured in battle while in the Scottish Royalist Army by English Parliamentary Army during Civil War and transported to Massachussetts.

Servant to George Hadley, Ipswich, Essex, MA

Deposed in 1698 that he was about 75 yrs old.

Genealogical History of the Duncan Stuart Family in America
Author: Joseph A Stuart
Caxton Press. 1894.
This book contains the history and genealogy of the Duncan Stuart
family of New Hampshire
When commencing investigations in the winter of 1891 for tracing our family lineage back to the first settlers in this country the earliest information we had as from the tales of our grandmother, that they came in "the troublous times of King Charles." or about 1650 to 1660. Our Aunt, Ruth Hobson used to think they came earlier, and that they settled Stuartstown, in the extreme northern part of New Hampshire, the original immigrant, named Charles, fleeing from Scotland with a hundred followers. I find, however, that the grant of Stuartstown, N. H. was given to Sir George Cockburn, Sir George Coleman, John Stuart and John Nelson; and as the location must have been a very unsafe one previous to the conquest of Canada in 1760, and the settlement was so weak as to be abandoned after the Revolution broke out, this John could not be the immigrant from whom we descend. Her version of the traditions, however, lead s me to conclude that our ancestor was in one of the defeated Scotch armies led into England by Charles Stuart, father or son, and fled here for safety. Both promised immunity from religious persecution to the Covenanters, and they flocked to the aid of each in turn. My aunt and sister say our ancestor was a Covenanter, "coming here to escape persecution;" but as the religious persecution of Covenanters did not begin till 1662, any
evidence of presence here befor e that time is evidence that our ancestor was a military refugee for acts in favor of Charles I, in 1646, or Charles II, in 1651. Our traditions have "There was a Henry about that time, who went up country and was never heard from after;" also a Charles, "who went up north with a large party;" and of a Samuel, "who left for parts unknown."
The attention of members of our family has been directed to advertisements in New York papers recurring at intervals of twenty years, for the heirs of Archibald Stuart, as being entitled to property left by Charles and Henry Stuart. Our oldest sister, Sarah W., wrote to other relatives in 1873 that her attention had been directed to a similar one some forty years previously, and that she remembered talking with Aunt Hobson about it at the time, not then knowing the date of this Archibald's immigration. A letter from a claim agent, named Spear, to our brother Robert about the year 1855 set that at rest by giving the date of Archibald's emigration as 1797, and that the Charles and Henry were Surgeons in the British Army during our Revolution, nearly a century after our earliest record. This earliest record of our grandmother's time was seen in grandmother's desk at Newtown by my sister Ruth as late as 1830. It was a fragment of a deed, dated 1700, giving "to my beloved son, Eben-" (the rest of that name and the name of the donor eaten by mice .) As a family possession, dated the year before the birth, of our great-grand father Robert, this was presumptive evidence that "Eben-" was his father. Of Robert we knew that in youth he was in the personal service of Gov. Dummer, of Massachusetts, then residing at Newbury, near to Rowley, the birth-place of Robert, and a relative of whom this Robert married. Of Robert's brothers our traditions say little, while of his sisters we knew that two married Websters; o ne married Ezra Clough; and another William Davis, they all settling about him upon parts of his land in Kingston and Newtown. "Squire" Isaac Webster, of Deep Brook came from one of the sisters and "Wildeat" Isaac Webster from the other; but I fail to learn to which each of these is to be credited. I think from the one marrying a Davis came Gilbert and Alfred Davis, the last still a resident of Newtown in 1892, when I visited my birthplace.


1. Title: "Early Settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts" - Jewett & Blodgett
2. Title: "Ancestors and Descendents of Deacon Thomas Stewart" - Arthur W Stewart

Married ‎ 1654 at Ipswich, Massachusetts (62 or 63 years married) to:

woman Ann Winchester‏‎, daughter of Alexander Winchester and N.N.‏.
Born ‎ Dec 10, 1642 at Rowley, Massachusetts, died ‎ Jul 9, 1729 at Rowley, Massachusetts‎, 86 years


woman Jane Stuart‏‎
Born ‎ Nov 1654 at Ipswich, Ma, died ‎after 1682‎, at least 28 years
woman Katherine Stuart‏
Born ‎ Jun 8, 1658 at Ipswich, Massachusetts, died ‎before 1750 at Norwich, New London, Connecticut‎, at most 92 years
woman Martha Stuart‏‎
Born ‎ Apr 4, 1659 at Newbury, Essex, MA‎
man Charles Stuart‏‎
Born ‎ Jun 5, 1661 at Newbury, Essex, MA, died ‎ May 8, 1689 at Rowley, MA‎, 27 years
woman Elizabeth Stuart‏
Born ‎ Nov 2, 1662 at Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts‎
Bibliographic Information:
Stuart, Joseph A.
Genealogical History of the Duncan Stuart Family in America.
Caxton Press. 1894.
In the d eed of 1718 the daughters' names are missing, but among my
notes is a marriage of Silvanas Wentworth and Elizabeth Stewart, of
Rowley, Nov. 3, 1685, when Du ncan's Elizabeth would be 23 years old.
This, with our story of the daughters that were Carters, previously
mentioned, and that there was a Nancy Carter in the household of
Captain Robert Stuart during the Revolution, supposed to have been a
descendant of one of these sisters, is all I learn of them.
man James Stuart‏
Born ‎ Oct 8, 1664 at Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, died ‎ Sep 17, 1750 at Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts‎, 85 years
Bibliographic Information:
Stuart, Joseph A.
Genealogical History of the DuncanStuart Family in America.
Caxton Press. 1894
James Stua rt, son of Duncan, as he styles himself in the deed of 1718,
was born in Newbu ry Oct. 8, 1664, and with his wife Elizabeth had
James, July 19, 1688; Charles , Jan. 16, 1690; then moved to Rowley and
had Edward, Sept. 20, 1693; Abigail, Nov. 26, 1695; Solomon, July 24,
1698; Benjamin, Mar. 3, 1700-buried Mar. 20, 1702; David, Jan. 9,
1702-choked to death by a copper coin, Jan. 10, 1706; an d at Boxford,
Moses, July 9, 1712. In the deed of 1718 he is recorded a s of
Boxford, and in one of Mar. 17, 1724, as of Bradford, buying back land
i n Rowley. His wife probably died 29th Dec., 1747, as in the book of
deaths in Rowley there is the record of "the wife of James Stewart"
dying then. James is recorded, "died, James Stewart in his 86th year,
17th Sept.,1750."
Presumabl y of his son James I find a marriage record of "James
Stewart and Sarah Prime. both of Rowley, 23 June, 1733." Also the
marriage record of "James Stewart an d Mary Boynton, both of Rowley,
11th Jan. or June, 1742."
She was a daughter of Jonathan Boynton and born 21st of Aug.,
1720; the marriage dates are from d ifferent volumes, vols. VI and X'X,
of Essex Institute Historical Collections, as given to me. This
marriage could hardly refer to James, son of Duncan or to his son, on
account of disparity in age, but rather to a great-grandson of Duncan.
Mary's mother married David Gage, of Bradford,May 12, of the same
yea r. A marriage is recorded of James Stewart and Sarah Prime, both of
Rowley, 25 June, 1733, probably James' son, then 45 years old. James
daughter Abigail se ems to have married John Yell, of Ipswich, 29 Nov.,
1736, she then being 42 ye ars old. His son Solomon, born 1698, and
wife Martha have a record of Benjamin , Jan. 26, 1729; Solomon, Jan.
14, 1730; Phineas, Mar. 27, 1732.
A Daniel, so n of Solomon, was baptised at Salem, middle precinct, now
South Danvers, Nov. 24, 1734; also William, in March, 1737.--A Solomon
kept a store in Boxford abo ut 1730, where he sold stationery,
and later a William was a stationer there. In Boxford is the record of
"William Stuart married Abigaell Standly, M ar. 3, 1736; also "George
and Sarah Stuart had:--Sarah, July 4, 1745; William, March 24, 1746;
George, Dec. 16,1748." Whether these belong to James' record I could
not decide.
man John Stuart‏
Born ‎ May 1, 1666 at Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, died ‎ Dec 23, 1756 at Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts‎, 90 years
Bibliographic Information:
Stuart, Joseph A.
Genealogical History of the Duncan Stuart Family in America.
Caxton Press. 1894
The first name mentioned in that deed after James is John Stuart, of
Rowley. I find he was born in Newbury in February or March, 1666,
three years before Henry. His first wife was named Elizabeth, and died
Dec. 20, 1689, nine days after their daughter Elizabeth was born. Both
he and James appear at Rowley soon after, an d in the first tax list
extant in Rowley (1691) John is taxed ¶1 9s.4d.
In 16 95 John is deeded land by Duncan, his father. He appears to have
had an Elizab eth for a second wife, as there is record of the birth in
Rowley of "Mary Stew art, daughter of John and Elizabeth, 3 Oct.,
1699.--[Essex Inst. Hist. Colls. vols. IV and V, where it seems the
name is spelt with ew always, though if unw illing to concede the
privilege of changing the spelling of a family name they should have
retained the final d, as found in Duncan's first deeds. This Mary may
have been the Mary of Rowley, that married Jeremiah Hunt, of
Billerica, 12 Aug., 1731, she being then 32 years old. A second
daughter by this Elizabet h was Sarah, born 25 Apr., 1712. Sarah seems
to have married Ephraim Boynton. also of Rowley, 2 May, 1732. Ephraim
was a son of Deacon Joseph and Bridget (H arris) Boyaton, born 16 July,
1707. He was dismissed from Rowley Church to Sec ond Church in
Lancaster, 19 Feb., 1761.
John's oldest daughter, Elizabeth pro bably married Ebenezer Gove, 28
March, 1728.--John's second wife appears to ha ve died without record
in Rowley; but I find a death record of "Mary, wife of John Stewart,
died 29 Sept., 1726," that probably was a third wife of this Joh n, as
his nephew, Ebenezer's John was but 17 at that time. He appears
to have married on 8 March, 1727, Sarah (Clark, of Ipswich) Bailey,
the widow of Nathaniel Bailey, who had diedin 1722.
By the spelling of one report, John Stewart was a blacksmith in
Boxford about 1730, while the Town Clerk says "Sar ah, daughter of John
Stuart, baptised April, 1729." He probably returned to Ro wley before
1736, as his nephew in a deed of that year is styled John Stuart, Jr.,
son of Ebenezer. In Rowley is the death record of "the wife of John
Stew art, 7 Feb., 1749," and of the marriage of "Mr. John Stewart and
widow Margare t Gage, 5 Sept. 1749," that may refer to him, as from his
age and probable ret irement from active life he may have been given
the title, as also to distingu ish him from his nephew of the same
name, who would for the same reason be sty led John Jr. The widow Gage
would have been his fourth wife.
Another theory o f the marriage of the widow Gage to some
person of this name with a prefix of "Mr." is given on page 144, but
this would seem the more plausible. John died on the 23rd of Decemder,
1756, aged 90 yrs, and 8 or 9 mos.
woman Anna Stuart‏‎
Born ‎± 1668 at Newbury, Essex, MA, died ‎after 1704 at Newbury, Essex, MA‎
man Henry Stuart‏‎
Born ‎ May 1, 1669 at Newbury, Essex, MA‎
Bibliographic Information:
Stuart, Joseph A.
Genealogical History of the Duncan Stuart Family in America.
Caxton Press. 1894
I find no record of Henry, so accept our family tradition. He
was either known to be de ad, or given up as dead by the "surviving
brothers of Charles" in their deed o f 1718.
man Solomon Stuart‏‎
Born ‎± 1671 at Newbury, Essex, MA, died ‎ Dec 1690 at At sea, on the brigantine "Adve..."‎, approximately 19 years
man Samuel Stuart‏
Born ‎± 1673 at Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, died ‎before Mar 11, 1751/52 at Wells, Maine‎
man Ebenezer Stuart‏
Born ‎ 1676 at Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, died ‎ Apr 30, 1749 at Byfield, Massachusetts‎, 72 or 73 years
Bibliographic Information:
Stuart, Joseph A.
Genealogical History of the Duncan Stuart Family in America.
Caxton Press. 1894
I get no birth record of Samuel or Ebenezer; (specs they growed, like Topsy,) nor can I find any data of Samuel, but from records of
deeds at Salem (See Appendix C) I learned that Ebenezer accumulated property at Rowley, these deeds placing hi m as an Innholder at Rowley Byfield, in the corner of Rowley south of Newbury Byfield, and owning land near his inn, one purchase extending to the Bradford line.

In the deed of 1718 the daughters' names are missing, but among my note s is a marriage of Silvanas Wentworth and Elizabeth
Stewart, of Rowley, Nov. 3 , 1685, when Duncan's Elizabeth would be 23 years old. This, with our story of the daughters that were Carters,
previously mentioned, and that there was a N ancy Carter in the household of Captain Robert Stuart during the Revolution, s upposed to
have been a descendant of one of these sisters, is all I learn of them. Ebenezer married Elizabeth Johnson May 23, 1698, and from a
deed by one of his children I learn that he died before Feb. 23, 1746, making him seventy or more years old at ?? death. His estate was not
settled till 1749, (See App end?? C, bottom of page 146.) Below is as full a tabular record as I can obtai n of the births, marriages and
deaths of the
AO? ?
1. SAEAM May1??,1699 (???)Wob??ter Kingston
2.ROB??T Nov.20,1701 Dec.11,1727 Anno Adams Newbury 1782 80
3. ??ARD Oct. 15,1704 Jud ith Poor Boxford
4. JOHN Oct. 20, 1707 Nov. --,1732 Hannah ??ley Rowley
5. ELIZABETH " " " Feb. 17,1726 Benj. Wchster Kingston bef 1746
6. AN N Mar. 27,1712 No record Samuel Lowell Rowley
7. MERCY No reco rd Dec. 26,1734 Ezra Clough Kingston
8. MA?? Oct. 26,1715 Ma r. 8,1737 Nathl Boynton Rowley
9. CHARLES May ??1,1718 No record Sar ah Fisk Boxford
10. JA??E Aug. 17,1720 Dec. 24,1751 William Dav is Newtown
In the Essex Registry of Deeds at Salem I found these records:--B. 26, p. 176, Jonathan Pritchard sold land to Ebenezer
Stuart; b. 33, p. 58, Samuel Dic kinson sold to Ebenezer Stuart land bounded on the southeast side by land of s aid Stuart, southwest by
Woodman's land; b. 44, p. 148, Dec. 9, 1724, Samuel Platto to Ebenezer Stuart, Innholder, of Rowley, in the part called Byfield, an d
upon the plain called Rye Plain, 11 acres--3 acres as part of lot laid out as right of Richard Thurlow, and 3 acres as part of lot laid out
as right of F rancis Parrott--the three acres bounded on westerly end by so called Ox Pastu re Land; b. 45, p. 58, July 1, 1725, John Bennett
to Ebenezer Stuart, for ¶7 1 0s., one lot, which is the last draft of freehold right in the middle commons- -witnesses, Joseph Jewett and
John Hobson; b. 48, p. 279, Sept. 30, 1726, Dav id Wood to Ebenezer Stuart, for ¶30, one commonage or freehold in Middle Commo nage; b. 49, p. 169, July 12, 1727, Mehitable Woodman, single, of Newbury, dau ghter of Joshua Woodman, to Ebenezer Stuart, lunholder, of Rowley, for ¶185, e ight acres, bounded Ed by the great swamp, Nd by land in possession of John Lu ll, Innholder, N. W. and S.
W. by land of Dea. Maximillian Jewett,--with 1-2 d welling house, 1-2 of barn and orchard.--Also another tract of 30 acres , bounded
Ed by Maximillian Jewett's land, N. W. by Town of Rowley's land?? W. by the highway in Bradford, and S. E. by said Stuart's land. In all
these de eds Ebenezer's name was spelt with "u" as ??ere printed. The following, sent me by Mr. Preston, are spelt by him with "ew," and I
am inclined to think the name in the deeds was thus spelt as I had taken notes of only those in the index spelt Stuart, thinking at the
time no others