man Björn Ulfsson‏‎, son of Ulf (Wolf) Thorkilsson, Jarl Of Denmark and Estrith (Maragaret) Of Denmark‏.

Still Living.

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CHAN17 May 2004


man Siward Bjornsson, Earl Of Northumbria‏
Born ‎ 978 at Scotland, died ‎ 1055‎, 76 or 77 years
Name Suffix: Earl Of Northumbria
A Danish warrior, he probably came to England with King Canute. At the behest of King Harthacanute in 1041 he ravaged Worcestershire and perhaps murdered Eadwulf of Northumbria; thereafter he was himself earl of Northumbria. He supported Edward the Confessor against Earl Godwin in 1051 and in 1054 defeated Macbeth, king of Scotland, on behalf of Siward's nephew, later Malcolm III. He governed northern England.