woman Ursula Gayle‏‎, daughter of George Gale, Lord Mayor Of York and Mary Lord De Kendall‏.
Born ‎± 1529 at York, Yorkshire, England, died ‎ 1603 at York, Yorkshire, England‎, approximately 74 years

Married ‎ at York to:

man William Mallory‏‎, son of William Mallory and Jane Norton‏.
Born ‎± 1530 at Studley Royal, Yorkshire, England, died ‎ Mar 22, 1602 at Ripon, Yorkshire, England‎, approximately 72 years, buried ‎ at Ripon, Yorkshire, England
Sir William Mallory, son of Sir William Mallory and Jane Norton (1). Married Ursula Gale or Gayle daughter of George Gayle Esq of York, master of the mint in York (1). In the Rising of the North in 1569, Sir William took the side of the Crown, giving the news of the rising to the Earl of Sussex (1). In 1570 he was appointed High Steward of Ripon (1). In 1585 he was M.P. for Yorkshire (1). In 1592 he was High Sheriff of York (1). He was zealous in the suppression of Popery (1). He will was dated 15 June 1586 and he was buried at Ripon 22 March 1602/3 (1).

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man George Mallory‏‎

Still Living.
man Christopher Mallory‏‎

Still Living.
man John Mallory‏‎

Still Living.
man Roberet Mallory‏‎

Still Living.
man Francis Mallory‏‎

Still Living.
woman Joan Mallory‏‎

Still Living.
woman Anne Mallory‏‎

Still Living.
woman Dorothy Mallory‏‎

Still Living.
woman Eleanor Mallory‏‎

Still Living.
woman Julienne Mallory‏‎

Still Living.
woman Frances Mallory‏‎

Still Living.
woman Elizabeth Mallory‏‎

Still Living.
man Peter Mallory‏‎

Still Living.
man Thomas Mallory‏
Born ‎ 1566 at Studley, Yorkshire, England, died ‎ Apr 3, 1644 at Deanery-House, Chester, Cheshire, England‎, 77 or 78 years, buried ‎ Apr 1644 at Quire Of Chester Cathedral, Co Cheshire, England
Thomas Mallory born 1566 at Studely and died 3 April 1644 at Chester and buried in the quire of the Cathedral (1). Married Elizabeth daughter of Richard Vaughn, Bishop of Chester (1). Thomas earned a Bachelor of Divinity at Cambridge (1) and instituted 27 June 1599 to Ronalds Kirk in the North Riding (1). 6 Nov 1603 he was Archdeacon of Richmond (1). 25 July 1607 Dean of Chester (1). During the Civil War, he and his sons were active adherents of the King (1). In 1642 they had to flee the rectory house in Mobberly and took refuge in Chester (1).