man Roger Mallory, Captain‏‎, son of Thomas Mallory and UNKNOWN Jane‏.
Born ‎ 1637 at Northenden, Cheshire, England, died ‎after 1704 at Elizabeth City, New Kent, Virginia‎, at least 67 years
Name Suffix: Captain
Roger Mallory, born 1637/8, died after 1704 (1). Son of Thomas and Jane Mallory. His wife’s name is unknown. He had a land grant in Virginia in 1660 (1). His uncle Rev Philip Mallory, in his will proved in London in 1661, willed to Roger all his plantations in Virginia (1). Roger settled in New Kent co, later King and Queen and later King William co (1). He was a Justice of New Kent co in 1680-1690 and of King and Queen co (1). 29 Oct 1790, he was one who sat as a Justice in the Jacobite Charges against Captain Jacob Lumpkins, the trial being held at Edmund Tunstalls (3-Vol 6 p 389). In 1693 he was given the title of Captain (1). 30 April 1688 he received a land patent of 2514 acres in the parish of St John on the south side of the Mattapony River for the transportation of 51 persons (1)(4). 26 April 1698 he had a patent of a grant of 300 acres in King and Queen co (1). 1704-5 he was a Justice of King William county (1). Roger was listed in the Quit Rents for 1704 with 100 acres of land in King William County (2). In 1705 Roger was among those of the parish of St Johns in King William county, who signed a petition to the Governor General of Virginia, Francis Nicholson expressing their dissatisfaction with the minister of the parish (3-Vol 8 p 368).
* 5 May 1658 - witness at York County court from 'Kiquotan' (with Uncle Phil at Kiskiack)
* 24 Jul 1660 - granted 750 acres, York County, "for use of Mr Philip Mallory
* 1660 - grant of 2550 acres
* 10 Mar 1661/2 - granted 400 acres, York County
* had lands at Pamunkey leases in King William County (then New Kent), at June 1699 consisted of: 2,000 acres held by three of his sons, 260 acres that had been sold to Thomas Husbands, 500 acres sold to Thomas Hancock, and two or three hundred acres sold to William Bates
* 1680, 1690, Justice, New Kent County
* 1680, 1681 - Captain of militia, per York Co. records; and in Elizabeth City entry, 1693
* Oct 1680 - Capt. Roger Mallory, acted as attorney at York court
* 30 Apr 1688 - patented 2,514 acres in St. John Parish, New Kent - south side of the Mattaponi - a repatent of that of 1660
* 1693 - Justice, King and Queen County (or son?)
* living 1693, daughter-in-law's power of attorney
* d by Jun 1699

Married/ Related to:

woman UNKNOWN Jane‏‎

Still Living.

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woman Elizabeth Mallory‏‎

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man John Mallory‏‎

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man Charles Mallory‏‎

Still Living.
man Thomas Mallory‏‎

Still Living.
man Roger Mallory‏‎

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man William Mallory‏‎

Still Living.
woman Jane Mallory‏
Born ‎± 1673 at Northenden, Cheshire, England‎