Born ‎before 1789‎
Given the pattern of baptismal sponsors, I suspect that the natural father of Marguerite Valois was a member of the Germain dit Belisle family.

Married/ Related to:

woman Josephte Valois‏‎
Born ‎before 1795 at Probably Region Of Berthier-En-Haut, Quebec Province, Canada‎

CHAN17 May 2004


woman Marguerite Belile‏
Born ‎before 1809 at Probably Region Of Berthier-En-Haut, Quebec Province, Canada, died ‎ at Vermont
Marguerite Valois at the marriage in Berthier, Canada, was indicated to be illegitimate, the daughter of a woman named Josephte Valois. At the baptism of Marguerite Valois' daughter Marguerite St. Martin in 1827 at Berthier, the godmother was Josephte Valois, grandmother. The godfather was Charles Belisle-Germain.
It is highly likely Joseph BLONDIN in Vermont and N.Y. is a priest's misunderstanding for the less common name of BIDAGUIN. It is also likely the name of BELISLE assigned to Marguerite VALOIS in the 1851 baptisms at St. Joseph's in Burlington, Vt. is a clue to the family of her unknown father. In French Canada, illegitimate children were frequently known informally by the name of the father (presuming that everyone in the village knew who he was) rather than the name of the mother, which was officially given to them.