woman AdbelahidePrincess Of France‏‎, daughter of King Louis II France and AnsgardePrincess Of Burgundy‏.
Born ‎± 856 at ,, , France‎

Married ‎± 875 (approximately 15 years married) to:

man Ranulph II Count Of Poitiers‏‎, son of Ranulph I, Count Of Poitiers and N.N.‏.
Born ‎± 855 at Of, Poitiers,, Aquitaine, died ‎ Aug 5, 890‎, approximately 35 years, ‎1st marriage to: AdbelahidePrincess Of France, 2nd married/ related to: Mrs-Rainulfe II Countess Of Poiters, 3rd marriage to: AdélaïdePrincess Of France

Acquired from Roger W. Winget (Genealogy@Winget.com)


man Ebles II de Poitiers‏
Born ‎ 876 at Of Poitiers, Aquitaine, died ‎ 935‎, 58 or 59 years