woman Gisela of France Princess of France Princess of France‏‎, daughter of Louis I Le debonnaire King of Aquitaine King of Aquitaine and Judith of Bavaria‏.
Born ‎± ABT. 821, died ‎after 1 AFT., Jul‎

Married ‎± ABT. 836 at France (approximately 30 years married) to:

man Eberhard deFriuli‏‎, son of Hunroch of Frioul and Engeltrudeof Paris‏.
Born ‎± ABT. 820 at Saxony, died ‎ Dec 16, 866 at Italy‎, approximately 46 years


man King Berenger I deFriuli King of Italy King of Italy‏
Also known as: King of Italy, born ‎± ABT. 851 at Pavia,Italy, died ‎ Apr 16, 924 at Verona, Italy‎, approximately 73 years