woman Maud de Peverel‏‎

Married ‎ at not married to:

man King William The Conqueror‏‎, son of Duke Robert III Normandy and Herleva de Falaise‏.
Born ‎ Oct 14, 1024 at Falaise, Calvados, France, baptized ‎ 1066 at during Norman Conquest, as adult, died ‎ Sep 9, 1087 at Hermentruvilleby, Rouen, France‎, 62 years, buried ‎ at Abbey of St Step,Caen,Calvados,France. Occupation: 7th Duke of Normandy, King of England (25 Dec 1066-1087), 1st marriage to: Matilda of Flanders, 2nd married/ related to: Maud Peverel, 3rd marriage to: Matilda de Flanders, ‎4th marriage to: Maud de Peverel, 5th marriage to: Matilda Countess Of Flanders Queen Of England
William I The Conqueror, King of England from 1066 to 1087, was a man ofremarkable political and military skill and a dominant force in WesternEurope. The Domesday Survey of 1086 was a striking illustration of hisadministrative capabilities. William was the illegitimate son of Robert Iof Normandy and Herleve, a Tanner's daughter from Falaise, and becameDuke of Normandy as a child in 1035. William the Conqueror died whilecampaigning to maintain his hold on Maine and was buried in his ownmonastic foundation of Saint-Etienne at Caen. "The Encyclopedia of theMiddle Ages" Norman F. Cantor, General Editor.



Custom Field:<_FA> DUKE de NORMANDY
CustomField:<_FA Ruled 1066-1087


man William "The Elder" Peverell Earl Of Hereford Earl Of Hereford‏
Nickname: the Elder, also known as: The Elder, born ‎± ABT. 1062 at Normandy, France, died ‎ Apr 17, 1113 at England‎, approximately 51 years

Earl Of Hereford
Note: William de Peveral is usually said to be an illegitimate son of the Conqueror. He had at least four children, William, d. s. p., and William again, who succeeded him, and two daughters, Maud and Adelise, the wife of Richard Redvers. The Conqueror gave William Peveral the custody of Notts Castle, when it was built in 1068, and extensive possessions, afterwards known as the honour of Peveral, consisting of 100 lordships in counties Notts and Northants, 14 in Derby, and some 20 others in other counties. William Peveral died Jan., 1113.

2nd marriage/ relation
woman Maud de Peverel‏‎

Married/ Related to:

man Ranulph dePeverel‏‎, son of Ranulph deWrenroc and N.N.‏.
Born ‎ 1030 at Normandy,France, died ‎ 1072 at Hatfield,Essex,England‎, 41 or 42 years, 1st married/ related to: Ingelrica Maud, ‎2nd married/ related to: Maud de Peverel