man Robert deBeaumont I I‏‎, son of Count Roger deBeaumont and Adeline deMeullant‏. Adoption parents: Roger deBeaumont and Adeline deMeullant
Born ‎ 1049 at Pont-Audemer, Beaumont, Normandy, Fra, died ‎ Jun 5, 1118 at Leicester, Leicestershire, England‎, 68 or 69 years. Occupation: Fought at Senlis; 1st Earl of Leicester; Comte de Meulan

Married ‎ 1096 at Fra (21 or 22 years married) to:

woman Isabel (Elizabeth) deVermandois de Crepi‏‎, daughter of Hugh "the Great" Magnus deFrance and Adelheid of Vermandois‏. Adoption parents: Hugh "the Great" Magnus deFrance and Adelheid of Vermandois
Born ‎after 1081 at Valois, Bretagne, Fra, died ‎ Feb 13, 1130/1131 at St. Nicaise, Meulan, desens, Fra‎, approximately 49 years. Occupation: Countess of Leicester, ‎1st marriage to: Robert deBeaumont I I, 2nd marriage to: 2nd Earl Surrey William II deWarrenne Count Count


woman Isabel de Beaumont‏
Born ‎ 1086 at Leicester, Leicestershire, England, died ‎± 1147‎, approximately 61 years
Adopted child: woman Isabel de Beaumont‏