woman Rosebelle Forteith, Of Strathearn, Of Roslin‏‎, daughter of Forteith UNKNOWN, Earl Of Strathearn and N.N.‏.
Born ‎± 1089 at Strathearn,Perthshire,Scotland, baptized ‎± 1089 at Strathearn,Perthshire,Scotland‎
Name Prefix: Baroness
Name Suffix: Of Strathearn, Of Roslin

Married ‎± 1110 at Scotland to:

man Henri St. Clair, Of Roslin, "The Crusader"‏‎, son of William St. Clair, Of Roslin, "The Seemly" and Dorothy (Doratha) UNKNOWN, Of Raby Dunbar‏.
Born ‎± 1089 at Rosslyn,Scotland, baptized ‎± 1089 at Rosslyn,Scotland‎
Name Prefix: Baron
Name Suffix: Of Roslin, "The Crusader"



woman Catherine St. Clair‏
Born ‎ at Scotland