woman [Queen Of The Ge Edith (Eadgyth) Of England [Queen Of The Ge‏‎, daughter of Edward I "The Elder" King Of England and Aelflaeda (Elfleda) England [Queen Of England]‏.
Born ‎± 910 at Of, Wessex, England, died ‎ Jan 21, 947‎, approximately 37 years, buried ‎ UNKNOWN at St Maurice Cathedral, Magdeburg, Germany

Seal to Parents: 2 MAR 1954 SLAKE - Salt Lake City, UT

Married ‎ 930 (16 or 17 years married) to:

man [King Of The Ger Otto I "The Great" Holy Roman Empire [King Of The Ger‏‎, son of [Duke Of Saxony-King Of Germany] Heinrich I "The Fowler" Of Germany [Duke Of Saxony-King Of Germany] and [Queen Germans] Matilda (Saint) Of Ringleheim [Queen Germans]‏.
Born ‎ Nov 23, 912 at Of, Saxony, Germany, died ‎ May 7, 973 at Memleben‎, 60 years

Name Suffix: [KING OF THE GER
Ancestral File Number: 8HR7-TX