man Louis II "The Stammerrer" King Of France‏‎
Born ‎ Nov 1, 846 at France, died ‎ Apr 10, 879 at Compiegne, Oise, France‎, 32 years

Louis II, King de France (the Stammerer)

(Andre Roux: Scrolls, 191.)
(Stuart, Royalty for Commoners, Page 130, Line 171-38.)
(Paul, Nouveau Larousse Universel.)
(Rosamond, Frankish kingdom under Carolingians, Page 258.)
(Andre Castelot, Histoire de La France, Tome 1, Page 387).

AKA: Louis II, King d'Aquitaine. Also Known As: Louis "Le Begue".

Born: in Nov 846 in Compiegne, Oise, Ile-de-France, France, son of Charles II, King de France and Ermentrude d'Orleans . Married in 862: Ansgarde de Bourgogne , daughter of Hardouin, Count de Bourgogne; She was given in marriage to Louis by her brother, Odon, often confused with Odon, Count of Troyes, an older man and one of Louis' detractors (Rosamond, Frankish kingdom under Carolingians, Page 185). Note - between 867 and 879: Louis II was the King of Aquitaine from 867 to 879 and became King of France in 877, crowned at Compiegne by Hincmar, Archbishop of Rheims on 8 October. If the children and grandchildren of Charlemagne had an easy time ascending to the throne by virtue of their parentage, the same is not true for Louis. Louis had to be elected by the Greats - the nobles whose power had been growing steadily - and they conceded only after having received countships and additional powers. Moreover, Louis had to accept the tutelage of his maternal uncle, Hughes, Marquis of Neustria who also received the countship of Tours. He died 16 months later while making preparations to reprimand Bernard, Duke of Septimanie. Upon his death, nobles, looking to enhance their own power saw the kingdom partitioned between Louis III and Carloman, who were both crowned and anointed at Ferrieres in September 879 by Ansegis, Archbishop of Sens. Louis III's portion comprised Francia and Neustria, and Carloman ruled Burgundy, Aquitaine and Gothia.

Married between 868 and 869: Adelaide=Adelheid de Paris, daughter of Adalhard, Count de Paris.

Died: on 11 Apr 879 in France at age 32 Louis II died sooner than expected after having divided his kingdom between his two sons, Louis III and Carloman. To the older son went Francia and Neustria; and to the younger went Bourgogne, Aquitaine and the Marche of Spain. This creation of two kingdoms is highly disputed because the two sons are not viewed by some as legitimate because Charles le Chauve had not officially recognized Louis marriage to Ansgarde. Louis was not favored, and on 15 October 879, Provence and Bourgogne recognize Richilde's (Charles le Chauve's widow) brother, Bozon. Moreover, Louis, son of Louis le Germanique, also lays claim to the throne of France. Thus, to make matters rather complicated there exists three kings of France at this time.

Married ‎± 868 at 2ND Wife (approximately 11 years married) to:

woman Adelaide Of Paris [Queen Franks]‏‎
Born ‎± 848 at Paris, Seine, France, died ‎ Nov 10, 901‎, approximately 53 years

Ancestral File Number: 9GCX-B0


woman Ermentrude Princess Of France‏‎
Born ‎ 870 at Paris, Seine, France, died ‎ at MD

Ancestral File Number: 9GCX-VQ
woman Kunigunde Of The West Franks (Princess)‏
Born ‎± 870 at France, died ‎after 923‎

2nd marriage/ relation
man Louis II "The Stammerrer" King Of France‏‎

Married/ Related to:

woman Ansgarde Of Neustria [Princess)‏‎
Born ‎estimated WFT 850 at Neustria, France, died ‎ Dec‎


man [King Of France] Charles III "Simple" Franks [King Of France]‏
Born ‎ Sep 17, 879 at France, died ‎ Oct 7, 929 at Peronne, Somme, France‎, 50 years, buried ‎ at St Fursi, Peronne, Somme, France

Seal to Parents: 17 feb 1936
Ancestral File Number: 9GCX-WW

King of France 893-922, known as "The Simple"

Gave his daughter, Gisella, to Rollo, the Viking, in order to stop the raids on the coast. Gave the coast to Rollo to protect. Rollo thus became the first Duke of Normandy.

Charles III, King de France
(Andre Roux: Scrolls,191.)
(Rosamond, Frankish kingdom under Carolingians, Page 308.)
(Stuart, Royalty for Commoners, Page 130, Line 171-37.)
(Andre Castelot, Histoire de La France, Tome 1, Page 387).

Also Known As: Charles "Le Simple". Born: on 17 Sep 879 in Clermont, Oise, France, son of Louis II, King de France and Adelaide=Adelheid de Paris . (Or was his mother Judith. If he was born posthumously it would have been by the second wife)

Note - between 893 and 929: Charles III was the posthumous son of Louis "Le Begue", and was crowned King in 893 by Fouques, Archbishop of Reims, with the full support of Odon's brother Robert, Richard of Burgundy, William of the Auvergne and Herbert of Vermandois. Baldwin (Baudouin) of Flanders made his submission later. He was a rival of the effective King, the Count Eudes who, upon Odon's death in 898, recognized Charles' rights. With the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte (911), Charles gave Normandy to the Viking Chief Rollo making him first Duke of Normandy, and pacifying the Seine Vikings. That year, 911, Charles also became King of Lotharingia, which may have been related in part to the fact that his first wife, Frederuna who bore him 6 daughters, was Lotharingian. He revived the title Rex Francorum. In 919, when Charles fought the Magyars, none of the nobles except for Heriveus, the Archbishop of Reims sent him any troops for assistance. In 920, Robert led a revolt against Charles.

Some Lotharingian nobles, led by Gilbert (Gislebert) son of Ragnar Longneck, declared their independence from Charles' authority. Gilbert invoked the aid of the new ruler of the East Franks, a Saxon known as Henry "the Fowler" ("l'Oiseleur"). Charles, after quelling the resistance of the Lotharingian Count Ricoin made a treaty with Henry at Bonn in 921. They met on equal terms as Rex Francorum Occidentalium (Charles) and Rex Francorum Orientalium (Henry). Charles was deposed in 922 by Herbert, Count of Vermandois upon the death of his main supporter, Richard of Burgundy. Charles and his favorite Hagano fled to hide in Lotharingia. During his absence, Robert was elected King and crowned by Walter, Archbishop of Sens under the nose of Heriveus who was on his deathbed (he died 3 days later). Charles met Robert in battle at Soissons on 15 June 923. Robert was killed, but the forces led by his son Hugh and by Herbert of Vermandois defeated the King's army and Charles retreated. On 13 July 923, a new King Ralph, the eldest son of Richard The Justiciar of Burgundy was elected King and anointed in the Church of St. Medard at Soissons by Walter, Archbishop of Sens.

Married between 905 and 929: N. concubines; Charles Le Simple had several concubines throughout his adulthood.
Married in Apr 907: Frederune de Lotharingie, daughter of Dietrich, Count de Lotharingie ; Charles III Le Simple had 6 daughters with Frederune, his first wife.
Married in 917: Eadgifu=Ogive=Hadwige, Princess of England, daughter of Edward I, King of England and Eadgifu=Edgiva of Kent.

Died: on 7 Oct 929 in Peronne, Somme, France, at age 50 Charles was murdered while in captivity at the Tower of Peronne on 7-Oct-929. Charles III is buried at Saint Fursy.

3rd marriage/ relation
man Louis II "The Stammerrer" King Of France‏‎

Married/ Related to:

woman Judith Of Adalard‏‎

4th marriage/ relation
man Louis II "The Stammerrer" King Of France‏‎

Married/ Related to:

woman Luitgarde Of Saxony‏‎
Born ‎± 848 at Saxony, Germany, died ‎ Dec‎


woman Ermengarde (Adelaide) De France‏
Born ‎± 863 at France, died ‎ Dec‎

AR names her Ermengarde, a mistress with no parents indicated. Turton names her Adelaide of France, daughter of Louis II m. (1), 862, Ansgarde, daughter of Hardouin. I have Ansgarde as the 2nd wife, although either or both of Lous II's 1st & 2nd wives could have been mistresses - not wives.