woman Kunigunde Of Provence‏‎, daughter of Boso De Bourgogne and Eremengarde (Trungarde) Of Italy‏.
Born ‎± 873, died ‎ Dec‎

Married/ Related to:



man Wigeric Pfalzgrave Graf Von Aachen‏
Born ‎ 882 at Triesgau, Lorraine, died ‎after 919 at Paletin, Aix-la-Chapelle, France‎, at least 37 years

1 NAME Wigeric of /Luxembourg/, Count of Triesgau

[De La Pole.FTW]

Sources: Kraentzler 1260; 1462; RC 33, 65, 104, 316, 319, 353.
Pfafman says he and wife Agnes of Troyes became heads of the House of
Luxembourg, but he also had Agnes having the same son as the other wife.
RC 104: Count in the Triesgau and Ardennesgau, Count Palatine of Aachen. Occ.
899-916. RC 353: Pfalzgrave in Thier, the Bidgau and Aachen.
K: Wigerich, Imperial Count. Count in Trier and Bidgau. Count Palatinate von