woman Gisela Of France‏‎, daughter of Charles III King of France and Eadgifu of England‏.
Born ‎± 898 at France, died ‎ Dec‎

Married/ Related to:

man 1st Duke of Normandy Rollo Ragnvaldsson 1st Duke of Normandy‏‎, son of Jarl of Moer Ragnvald I "the Wise" Eysteinsson Jarl of Moer and Hiltrude (Raginhilde) Hrolfsdottir‏.
Born ‎± 846 at Maer, Nord-Trondelag, Norway, died ‎± 931 at Notre Dame, Rouen, Normandie, Neustria‎, approximately 85 years, buried ‎ at Notre, Dame, Rouen, France, 1st married/ related to: Poppa Duchess of Normandy, ‎2nd married/ related to: Gisela Of France

1 NAME Rollo or Ganger Rolf of /Normandy/
2 SOUR S033320
4 TEXT Date of Import: Jan 17, 2001
2 DATE ABT. 870
2 PLAC ,Maer, Norway
2 SOUR S033320
4 TEXT Date of Import: Jan 17, 2001
2 PLAC ,Normandy, France
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4 TEXT Date of Import: Jan 17, 2001

[De La Pole.FTW]

Sources: A. Roots 121E, 243A; Kraentzler 1160, 1443, 1453; RC 162, 166; Coe;
Guizot; The Normans and Their Myth (chart) by R.H.C. Davis; Pfafman; WED Stokes;
A History of the Vikings by Gwyn Jones; Ashley; Norr, p59.
He established the Northmen in France and was the first Duke of Normandy.
Count of Rouen. Conquered Normandy. Also known as Hrolf (Gongu-Hrolfr),
Rollon, Ganger and Granger Rolf.
WED says the area near "Mora, Norway, was the domain of the jarl of More,
whose son Hrolf, with his followers...in 911 settled in the district later
known as Normandy."
Roots: Ganger Rolf, "the Viking (or Rollo), banished from Norway to the
Hebrides ca. 876; 890 participated in Viking attack on Bayeux, where Count
Berenger of Bayeux was killed, and his daughter Poppa taken, 886, by Rollo (now
called Count of Rouen) as his "Danish" wife. Under Treaty of St. Clair, 911,
received the Duchy of Normandy from Charles III, "the Simple."
Davis: Rollo, ruler of Normandy from 911-931. The dukes of Normandy free
married with non-Scandinavians. "Rollo is said to have married the daughter of
the Frankish king and to have had his son by the daughter of a Frankish count.
That son, William, married the daughter of a Frankish count and had his son,
Richard, by a Breton. None of the dukes' wives came from Scandinavia or
England, and by the first half of the 11th century their family connections
were typically French." An early historian, Dudo, said Rollo was Danish.
Ashley: Count Rolllo or Rolf the Viking., died 993?
Norr: Rollo or Rolf, 1st duke of Normandy 912-917-(927), born about 856. He
was of the same Danish origin as the ancestors of the English which his
descendants conquered in 1066.

BIOGRAPHY: Norwegian Viking settled at mouth of Seine. After fighting many battles, made an agreement with King Charles 'The Simple' - received land in Normandie and 911 became 1st Duc de Normandie and vassel of King.


man Walter Rolfsson‏‎
Born ‎± 922, died ‎ Dec‎