woman Willa De Vienne‏‎, daughter of Boso De Bourgogne and Eremengarde (Trungarde) Of Italy‏.
Born ‎± 865, died ‎ Jun 14, 929‎, approximately 64 years

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Sources: RC 175, 343, 366; AF. Queen of Upper Burgundy.

Married ‎ 888 (23 or 24 years married) to:

man Rudolph King of Upper Burgundy‏‎, son of Margrave Of Burgundy Konrad II Comte D'Auxerre Margrave Of Burgundy and Waldrada of Wormsgau‏.
Born ‎ 847 at Burgundy, France, died ‎ Oct 25, 912‎, 64 or 65 years

1 NAME Rudolph I of /Burgundy/
2 SOUR S033320
4 TEXT Date of Import: Jan 17, 2001
2 DATE 22 OCT 912
2 SOUR S033320
4 TEXT Date of Import: Jan 17, 2001

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Sources: RC 175, 343, 366; AF.
RC: Count, Marquis and King, 888, of Upper Burgundy.


woman Willa Princess of Burgundy‏‎
Born ‎± 906 at Bourgogne, France‎

2 DATE ABT. 906
2 SOUR S033320
4 TEXT Date of Import: Jan 17, 2001

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Sources: RC 263; Coe, AF; Kraentzler 1459; A. Roots.
RC: Willa de Tuscany. K: Gilla de Bourgogne.
man King Of Italy Rudolph II King of Burgundy King Of Italy‏
Born ‎ 905 at Burgundy, died ‎ Aug 11, 937‎, 31 or 32 years

1 NAME Rudolph King of /Burgundy/
2 DATE 891
2 PLAC Bourgogne, France
2 DATE 937

TITLE: He succeeded his father as king of Burgundy in 912. In 920 Berenger I, King of
Italy enlisted Hungarian mercenaries into his army. This caused the magnates
of the northwest to rise indefiance. They invited Rudolph to assume the throne
of Italy. He defeated Berenger at Fiorenzuola in 923. The next year the
Hungarians burned Pavia, Italy's capitol city. Shortly thereafter Berengar was
assasinated and Rudolph was recognized as king of Italy until 926, when Hugh of
Arles became king. At this time in history western Europe was in a perilous
position. It was being ravaged by the Vikings from the north and by the
Saracens from the south. Then, in 919, The Magyars, led by Zoltan ravaged
large areas of Rudolph's Burgundian lands. In 924 they reached the Rhone and
threatened both Lombardy, which was under Rudolph's control and Provence, which
was ruled by Hugh. Rudolph and HUgh were rivals for the throne of Italy.
Facing this common threat, Rudolph and Hugh buried their differences and joined
forces to drive off the Hungarian invaders. An agreement was reached whereby
Hugh was given the kingship of Italy in return for Rudolph being made ruler of
Provence. The result was that Rudolph was now king of both Transjuran Burgundy
and Provence, thus reviving the old kindom of Burgundy almost as it had existed
in pre-Carolingian times. Only the lands of Richard the Justiciar, which were
to become the French duchy of Burgundy, were excluded.
woman Waldrada Princess of Burgundy‏‎
Born ‎ 889, died ‎ Dec‎
man De Burgundy‏ PRIVACY FILTER
Adopted child: woman Willa Princess of Burgundy‏‎