man Count of Poitou Ebles Mancer Count of Poitou‏‎, son of Count of Poitou Ranulf II de Poitou Count of Poitou and Ermengarde‏.
Born ‎± 889, died ‎ 932‎, approximately 43 years

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Sources: Kraentzler 1160, 1474; RC 163; A. Roots 144A; AF.
Roots: Ebles Mancer, Count of Poitou 890-892, 903, died 932. Bastard of
Ranulf II by Ermengarde, probably a concubine. Married (1) in 892, Eremburg,
and (2) in 911 Emliane.
RC: Ebles "Manzer," Count of Poitou and Duke of Aquitaine. Bastard of Ranulf
II. Born 890, died 934.

Married ‎ 911 to:

woman Princess Emliane (Emilienne) of England Princess‏‎, daughter of Edward I "The Elder" King of England and Edgiva of Kent‏.
Born ‎± 889 at (Estimated), died ‎ 20 Oct at la Trinite, de Poitiers, France‎

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Sources: Kraentzler 1160, 1475; RC 163; A. Roots 144A.
K: Alaine, Princess of England. RC: Second wife of Ebles.
Roots: Emliane.


man Count of Poitou William I "Tete d'Etoupe" de Poitou Count of Poitou‏
Born ‎± 925 at Poitiers, France, died ‎ Apr 3, 963 at St. Cyrien, Poitiers, France‎, approximately 38 years

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Sources: Kraentzler 1152, 1157, 1160, 1161, 1171, 1197, 1201; RC 88, 161,
162, 163; A. Roots 121E, 144A; AF.
RC: William I "Tete d'Etoupe," Count of Poitou, and as William III, Duke of
Aquitaine; Count of Avergne. Died a monk.
K: Duke d'Aquitaine, Count d'Auvergne. Also Guilaume III, "Tete d'Etoupe,"
Count de Poitiers, Duke d'Aquitaine.
Roots: William I of Poitou, Count of Poitou.