man Baudouin I "Iron Arm" Count of "@N42786@" Flanders‏‎, son of Odoscer Count of Harlbec and N.N.‏.
Born ‎ 837 at Flanders, Nord, France, died ‎ 879 at Arras, Flanders now Belgium‎, 41 or 42 years

A daring warrior under Charles II, he fell in love with the King's daughter Judith, the youthful widow of 2 English kings, married her, and fled with his bride to Lorraine. At first angry, Charles eventually forgave him and made him Margrave of Flanders-changed to Count in the 10th century. Encyclopedia Britannica for Baldwin I.

Married ‎ 862 at 3rd husband (7 or 8 years married) to:

woman Judith Princess of France‏‎, daughter of Charles II "The Bald" Holy Roman Emperor and Ermentrude de Orleans‏.
Born ‎± 846 at France, died ‎ 870‎, approximately 24 years, 1st marriage to: Aethelwulf King of Kent & Wessex, 2nd marriage to: Aethelbald King of Wessex, ‎3rd marriage to: Baudouin I "Iron Arm" Count of "@N42786@" Flanders

The identity of Judith, wife of Aethelwulf & Aethelbald is pieced together from three different sources.

Aethelwulf m. 856 "daughter of Charles II the Bald"

Aethelbald m. Judith, his step mother after his father Aethelwulf's death in 858.

Judith, daughter of Charles the Bald m. (3) 862 Baudouin I Count of Flanders.


woman Widnille of Flanders‏‎
Born ‎± 862 at Flanders, Nord, France‎
man Rudolph Count of Cambrai‏‎
Born ‎± 864 at Flanders now Belgium, died ‎ Jun 17, 896 at Cambrai, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France‎, approximately 32 years
man Baudouin II "The Bald" Count of "@N42785@" Flanders‏
Born ‎± 865 at Flanders, France, died ‎ Sep 10, 918‎, approximately 53 years