man Egbert I King of Kent & Wessex‏‎, son of Eahlmund Under-King of Kent and Princess of Kent‏.
Born ‎ 775 at Wessex, England, died ‎after Nov 19, 838 at Wessex, England‎, at least 63 years, buried ‎ at Winchester Cathedral, Winchester, England

Egbert became the first King of Wessex in 802, he also included Kent in his kingdome in 827. He is considered to be the first king of England--however it only included the south and west (Kent and Wessex areas).

Married ‎ at of Wessex, England to:

woman Raedburh de Carolingians‏‎, daughter of Pepin III "The Short" King of Franks and Berthe of Laon‏.
Born ‎before 774 at Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia, died ‎ Dec at Wessex, England‎

The ancestry for Raedburh is not at all sure. The following post by Chris Bennet to soc.genealogy.medieval indicates that she was related to Charlemagn in some way:

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There is no contemporary source for Egbert's wife. The name "Raedburh" comes from a medieval manuscript quoted by W. G. Searle (Anglo-Saxon Bishops, Kings and Nobles, London 1899, 343) as "MS Trin Coll Oxf x". She is described there as "regis Francorum sororia" which can only be a reference to Charlemagne; however there is no such sister known. Since Egbert was certainly in exile at Charlemagne's court, it is perfectly plausible that he married his wife there. If the tradition has any value, then the best guess is that she was probably a sister-in-law, but she could just as well have been a lady of the Court. Settipani (La prehistoire des Capetiens, 308 n791) is willing to accept the name.



man Aethelwulf King of Kent & Wessex‏
Born ‎ 806 at Wessex, England, died ‎ Jan 13, 857/58 at Stamridge‎, approximately 51 years, buried ‎ at Reburied at Winchester, Hampshire, England

Aethelwulf, also spelled ETHELWULF (d. 858), Anglo-Saxon king in England, the father of King Alfred the Great. As ruler of the West Saxons from 839 to 856, he allied his kingdom of Wessex with Mercia and thereby withstood invasions by Danish Vikings.

The son of the great West Saxon king Egbert (ruled 802-839), Aethelwulf ascended the throne four years after the Danes had begun large-scale raids on the English coast. In 851 he scored a major victory over a large Danish army at a place called Aclea in Surrey. Aethelwulf then married his daughter to the Mercian king Burgred (853), and in 856 he himself married the daughter of Charles II the Bald, king of the West Franks. Aethelwulf was deposed by a rival faction upon his return from a pilgrimage to Rome in 856, but he continued to rule Kent and several other eastern provinces until his death. In addition to Alfred the Great (ruled 871-899), three of Aethelwulf's other sons became kings of Wessex. [Encyclopaedia Britannica]