woman [Princess] Emma France [Princess]‏‎, daughter of [Count Of Paris] Hugues Magnus The [Count Of Paris]/France and N.N.‏.
Born ‎ 943 at France, died ‎ Mar 19, 968‎, 24 or 25 years, buried ‎ at Supposed To Be Daughter Of Hugh Capet Born 941?

Ancestral File Number: 9G85-N7

Married ‎ 956 at France (11 or 12 years married) to:

man Richard I "The Fearless" Duke Of Normandy‏‎, son of William I "Longsword" Duke Of Normandy and Sprota (Sporta) De Sprota De Espriota De‏.
Born ‎ Aug 28, 933 at Normandy, France, died ‎ Nov 20, 996 at Fecamp, Seine-Inferieure, France‎, 63 years, buried ‎ at Fecamp, Seine-Inferieure, France, 1st marriage to: Concubine, 2nd marriage to: [Duchess Of Nor Gunnora (Gundra) De Crepon [Duchess Of Nor, ‎3rd marriage to: [Princess] Emma France [Princess]

Ancestral File Number: 9HMD-VF

Richard I, byname RICHARD The FEARLESS, French RICHARD SANS PEUR (b. c. 932--d. 996), duke of Normandy (942-996), son of William I Longsword.

Louis IV of France took the boy-duke into his protective custody, apparently intent upon reuniting Normandy to the crown's domains; but in 945 Louis was captured by the Normans, and Richard was returned to his people. Richard withstood further Carolingian attempts to subdue his duchy and, in 987, was instrumental in securing the French crown for his brother-in-law, the Robertian Hugh Capet. [Encyclopaedia Britannica CD '97]


On the ancestry of the Grenville's and parents of Mauger, Count of Corbeil, their ancestor:

Richard I, Duke of Normandy (ggf through his eldest son of Robert II (The Devil), Duke of Normandy, who was in turn father by his mistress Harlette/Harlot of William I (The Conqueror); b 933; married 2nd his former mistress Gunnor and died 20 Nov 996, leaving [Mauger]. [Burke's Peerage, p. 1603]