woman Queen of Scotland‏‎
Born ‎± 782 at Scotland, Great Britain‎. Occupation: Queen of Scotland

Married ‎± 809 at Scotland (approximately 25 years married) to:

man King Alpin "Cinaed" "@N2342@" MacEochaid of Scotland‏‎
Born ‎± 778 at Scotland, died ‎ Jul 20, 834 at Galloway, Scotland‎, approximately 56 years. Occupation: King of Scotland; King of Kintyre


man King Kenneth MacAlpin I of Scotland‏
Born ‎ 810 at Scotland, died ‎ Feb 6, 858 at Forteviot, Perthshire, Scotland‎, 47 or 48 years, buried ‎ at Isle of Iona, Scotland. Occupation: King of Scotland; ruled: 0846-0858 ?

First to unite Picts and Scots. Brought "Stone of Destiny" onwhich Scottish Kings were crowned. "The Stone of Scone" or "TheCoronation Stone" remained until 1296 when Edward I took it toWestminster, England.

Burke calls him Kenneth II. Kings of Picts & Alba. King ofGalloway. , ,