man Arnold I Count of "Arnoul I Count of Flanders" Flanders‏‎, son of Baudouin II "The Bald" Count of "Baldwin II Count of Flanders" Flanders and Aelfthryth Princess of England‏.
Born ‎± 890 at Ghent, Flanders now Belgium, died ‎ Mar 27, 964‎, approximately 74 years

Married ‎ 934 at Flanders now Belgium (25 or 26 years married) to:

woman Alix de Vermandois‏‎, daughter of Herbert II Count of Troyes & Vermandois and Liegarde Princess of France‏.
Born ‎± 915 at Vermandois, Normandy, France, died ‎ Oct 10, 960 at Bruges, Aquitaine, France‎, approximately 45 years, buried ‎ at St Pierre Abby, Gand


woman Luitgard of Flanders‏‎
Born ‎± 930 at Ghent, Flanders now Belgium, died ‎ 962‎, approximately 32 years
man Baudouin III Count of "Baldwin III Count of Flanders" Flanders‏
Born ‎± 935 at Flanders, France, died ‎ Jan 1, 961/62 at (dvp)‎, approximately 26 years

The following information (and advice) is contained in a post-em from Curt Hofemann,

Hie thee to Stewart Baldwin's "Henry Project" for scholarly research on this person (& much more):

Baldwin III ruled briefly as joint count with his father Arnulf I, but died before his father. Count Baldwin's name appears in lists of abbots of St. Bertin [Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores series, 13, 391, 607], and he would appear to have held that office for a short period before his death. [Ref: Henry Project]

Possible illegitimate son (status uncertain):
Ascelin (Azelin) or Albert de Tronchiennes, bishop of Paris, 1016-1018.
The History of the Bishops of Cambrai states that Ascelin (or Albert, as he is called in some sources) was an illegitimate son of count Baldwin of Flanders. [Gesta Episcoporum Cameracensium, MGH SS 7, 448]. If this is accurate, Baldwin III would be the only count of Flanders named Baldwin who would make a chronologically feasible father for Ascelin. [L
woman Elisende (Elftrude) de Flanders‏‎
Born ‎± 937 at Ghent, Flanders now Belgium, died ‎ 970‎, approximately 33 years
woman Hildegarde of "Hildegarde de Gand" Flanders‏‎
Born ‎± 938 at Ghent, Flanders now Belgium, died ‎ Apr 10, 990‎, approximately 52 years

Turton names her Hildegarde de Gand, daughter of Wichmann Comte de Gand, c. 949.


I Originally had Hildegarde de Flanders m. Wichman, Count de Gand, and their daughter Hildegarde de Gand m. Dietrich. According to sources quoted by Curt, below, Hildegarde de Gand & Hildegarde de Flanders are one and the same person. I left the marriage to Wichman as a 1st husband; her marriage to Dietrich seems somewhat late, and possibly she had a 1st husband.

Curt Hofemann,, writes in a post-em:

Hi Jim,
ES II:5 lists b. ca 934.
ES II:2, 5 lists d. 10 Apr 990 & Moriarty lists 990.

ES II:2 makes her the daughter of Arnold I Count of Flanders (not granddaughter).
Moriarty p55 "perhaps dau of Arnulf I Count of Flanders"
Todd A. Farmerie in a message to Gen-Medieval 13 Mar 2001: mother unk, not Adele of Vermandois

A somewhat new, very worthwhile website by Stewart Baldwin is the Henry Project at:
which states:
No direct evidence is known for the suggestion that Hildegard was Arnulf's daughter. However, the onomastic evidence for such an affiliation is strong, given that Hildegard had sons named Arnulf and Egbert, the latter of which is an Anglo-Saxon name that had only been recently introduced into the family of Flemish counts through Arnulf's mother. However, chronological considerations make it highly unlikely that Hildegard was born late enough to be a daughter of Adele of Vermandois. Since the chronology leaves plenty of room for an earlier marriage of Arnulf (who was probably in his 40's when he married Adele), it is most likely that Hildegard was born to an earlier marriage. [Ref: Erich Brandenburg, Die Nachkommen Karls des Gro