man Zachariah T. Simmons‏‎, son of John Howard Simmons, Col. and Eleanor Howard‏.
Born ‎ 1802‎
REFN: 1880
Zachariah married Louisa, daughter of Rev. Jonathon Helfenstein, pastor
of German Reformed Church. They had one son, C. Edward Simmons, who went
to St. Louis, Missouri and became prominent there and internationally as
the founder of the Simmons Hardware Company. Zach and Louisa moved to
and died in St. Louis Missouri. (It is said that President George Bush's
father was once an employee of the Simmons Hardware Co., St. Louis)

Married to:

woman Louisa C. Helfenstein‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER


man C. Edward Simmons‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER