woman Hannah Randall‏‎, daughter of Christopher Randall and Johanna Norman‏.
Born ‎ 1680 at Anne Arundel Co., MD‎
REFN: 1899

Married ‎± ABT. 1697 at Baltimore Co., MD (approximately 13 years married) to:

man Nathaniel, Sr. Stinchcomb, Capt.‏‎
Born ‎ at Anne Arundel Co., MD, died ‎ Jun 13, 1710 at Baltimore Co., MD
REFN: 1900



woman Helen Stinchcomb‏
Born ‎ 1700 at Baltimore Co., MD, died ‎± May ABT., 1784 at Baltimore Co., MD‎, approximately 84 years
REFN: 1906
man John Stinchcomb‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER
woman Mary Stinchcomb‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER

2nd marriage
woman Hannah Randall‏‎, daughter of Christopher Randall and Johanna Norman‏.

Married ‎± ABT. 1710 at Baltimore Co., MD (approximately 10 years married) to:

man Edward Teal‏‎, son of Edward Teal and Sarah Copus‏.
Born ‎± ABT. 1680 at Baltimore Co., MD, died ‎± ABT. 1720 at Baltimore Co., MD‎, approximately 40 years
REFN: 1898
Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759:
Edward Teal (2), poss. s. of Edward (1), d. in Balto. Co. by 14 Jan.
1720/21/, having m. by Nov. 1711 Hannah, wid. and admnx. of Nathaniel
Stinchcomb, and dau. of Christopher and Johanna Randall; Edward Teal and
w. signed the inv. of Capt. Nathaniel Stinchcomb; on 1 April 1710 Edward
Teal gave bond for the faithful execution of duties as Chief Ranger of
Balto. Co.; he d. leaving a will, 5 May 1720 - 14 Jan. 1720/1, naming his
ch. Emanuel and Ruth, son-in-law (i.e., stepson) John Stinchcomb; his
est. was inv. on 27 Jan. 1720/1 by Benjamin and John Howard and filed 11
March 1720/1 by Hannah Teal, val. at 224.9.3 pounds, and signed by John
and William Teal as bros. of the dec.; Hannah Randall Stinchcomb Teal was
living on 30 June 1740 when she signed the inv. of her dau. Mary
Stinchcomb Newsham Smith; Edward and Hannah had iss.; Ruth, b. c. 1711,
m. 1st on 27 Feb. 1728/9 Edmond Howard, son of Joshua; m. 2nd by 30 May
1747 William Lewis; Emanuel, b.c. 1713.
Edward Teal operated a brick yard with his friend, George Yate. The will
of George Yate proved in Baltimore Co. on Nov. 18, 1717, (Will, Liber 14,
folio 340), bequeathed to his friend Edward Teal certain articles of
personalty and one-half of the production from the brickyard until his
eldest son came of age. Edward Teall furthermore to was "to have
oversight of the plantation" and to sell the tract "Forebearance".
(George Yate lived on "Yate His Forebearance", lying on the north shore
of the Patapsco River in Baltimore Co., MD, and "Forebearance", 140
acres lying in the falls of the Patapsco on the south bank) before he
patented "Yate's Contrivance" at the head of the Patapsco River, but the
latter became his dwelling plantation and was his residence at the time
of his death.) Edward Teall was named executer to serve with the wife of
George Yate, but did not administer the estate with her. Inventory of
the personal estate was made on June 10, 1718, by Christopher Randall,
Maryland Calendar of Wills, Baltimore, MD; 1904 by Jane Baldwin Cotton.
This book contains the last will of Edward Teal. His tract of land
called the Tanyard & addition was devised to son Emanuel, and daughter
In 1754 Emanuel sold part of Tanyard that he received in his father's
Baltimore County Debt Book - 1754
Emanuel Teal-pt of Tanyard; pt of Robins Camp; Johnsons Range John
Rottingburys heirs - Gallipot level
pt of pasture Ground; Jones's Angle
On Oct. 24, 1765, there was filed in Baltimore Co., MD, a certificate &
resurvey of "Tanyard" for Emanuel Teal, beg. at a white oak standing on
the north side of Patapsco Falls and on the West side of a branch
descending into said falls, **** to be held of the Manor of Baltimore by
the name of Tanyard, now containing 637 acres.



woman Ruth Teal‏
Born ‎ 1711 at Baltimore Co., MD‎
REFN: 1855
man Emanuel, Sr. Teal‏
Born ‎ 1713 at Baltimore Co., MD, died ‎after AFT. 1790 at Pitt Co., NC‎, at least 77 years
REFN: 1901