man George Shedenhelm‏‎, son of Frederick Shittenhelm and Barbara ?‏.
Born ‎ Dec 28, 1778 at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Oct 26, 1852 at Seneca County, OH‎, 73 years, buried ‎ 1852 at Fravel Cemetery, Seneca County, OH
REFN: 625
George Shedenhelm lived 3 miles North of Tiffin in Hopewell Twp., Seneca
Co., Ohio. He lived just North of the Nicolas Schal/Shaull farm. It is
said they spoke mostly German in their home. George and Catherine are
both buried in Fravell cemetery which is located on the land once
homesteaded by Nicholas Shaull III and his wife, Elizabeth Benner Shaull.
We find the last name spelled with many variations: Schickenhelm,
Schidenhelm, Shittenhelm, Shetenhelm.
George is listed in the census of 1850 as residing in Hopewell Twp.,
Seneca County, Ohio. The census was taken August 16, 1850 by R. Cum
Ass't Marshal, and on page 306, line 16, George Shedenhelm's birthplace
is listed as MD, and his age as 71. This would substantiate the
birthdate of Dec. 28, 1778. George Schickenhelm married Cath. Leas on
March 19, 1805, according the the marriage records of the Reformed German
Lutheran Church of Frederick, MD, page 1171.
Following is a copy of the Will of George Shedenhelm:
"June the 11th 1850
My boddy is weak but sound in mind and memory resigning my boddy to
the grave and my Spirit to the god who gave it I George Shedenhelm of the
county of Seneca in the state of Ohio do make and publish this my last
will and testament in manner and form following that is to say
First it is my will that my funeral expenses and all my just debts
be fully paid.
Second I give and devise and bequeath to my beloved wife Catharine
all my Real Estate and personal property on which I now reside during her
life time.
Thirdly it is my will that my son in law, Aaron Ruse Shall not Recve
any more of my property more than he has had of me But that his wife
Elizabeth and her heirs recve an eaqial perportion with the rest of my
Fourthly I give and bequeath to my grand daughter Marium that now
lives with me one hundred and fifty dollars in money exclusive of hur
bead and beauro and household furniture and two cows which is to be paid
at the death of my wife.
Fifthly it's my will that all my money standing out at interest be
collected at my death and devided amongst my heirs so that they may be
set on equal rites as the book accounts may agree with exception of the
said Aaron Ruse.
Sixthly It is my will that at the death of my wife that my property
be be equaly divided amongst all my legal heirs with the exception of the
said Aaron Ruse.
And lastly I hereby constitute and appoint my son Levi Shedenhelm
and my son Grafton Shedenhelm to be the executors for this my last will
and testament revoking and annuling all former wills by me made and
notifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and
testament in testimony whereof I have leave unto set my hand and seal
this 11th day of June 1850)
George Shedenhelm (Seal)"

Married ‎ Mar 19, 1805 at Frederick Co., MD (47 years married) to:

woman Catharine Lease‏‎, daughter of Jacob Lease and Dorothy Davis‏.
Born ‎ Oct 7, 1785 at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Jan 18, 1875 at Pleasant Twp., Seneca County, OH‎, 89 years, buried ‎ 1875 at Fravel Cemetery, Seneca County, OH
Cause of Death: Apoplexy
REFN: 626
According to the History of Seneca County, Ohio, by Warner, Beers & Co.,
published in 1886, at page 557, "Catharine Shedenhelm, wife of George
Shedenhelm, who migrated to Seneca County, Ohio, in or about the year
1832 and settled three miles north of Tiffin, in Hopewell Township"
Catharine lived to nearly ninety years of age, and is mentioned in a
letter from her son, Henry Shedenhelm, to his brother, Levi Shedenhelm,
who had migrated to Iowa Co., IA, in September 1853, with the wagon train
of his father-in-law, John Anthony Rosenberger, Levi having married John
A's eldest child, Margaret Elizabeth Rosenberger. From the tone of this
letter, it appears that Catharine had a stroke or was ill enough to
require a lot of care and lifting. This letter was in the possession of
Robert Alva Shedenhelm in 1964 (a great grandson of Levi & Margaret
Elizabeth Rosenberger Shedenhelm).
George & Catharine spoke almost entirely German in the home.
George & Catharine Lease Shedenhelm are both buried in what is called the
Fravel cemetery Northwest of Tiffin, Ohio, presumably in the near
vicinity of the farm where they settled in 1832.



woman Elizabeth Shedenhelm‏
Died ‎ Aug 1876 at Seneca County, OH
REFN: 640
man Henry E. Shedenhelm‏
Born ‎ Jan 15, 1810 at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Mar 22, 1882 at Seneca Co., OH‎, 72 years
REFN: 641
man Levi Adam Shedenhelm‏
Born ‎ Feb 1, 1806 at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Jan 13, 1875‎, 68 years. Occupation: ‎ at Teacher, Army Officer, Blacksmith, Storekeeper, Farmer & Stagecoach station;
REFN: 639
LaCrosse Area Genealogical Quarterly, Volume 1, Issue 1, May 1979, had an
article "Levi Shedenhelm, Wagon Master, Ohio to Iowa".
man Grafton M. Shedenhelm‏
Born ‎ Mar 8, 1813 at Apple Ridge, MD, died ‎ Mar 29, 1882 at Green Springs, OH‎, 69 years, buried ‎ at Seneca County, OH
REFN: 270
Grafton came to Seneca Co., OH when a young man & bought about 700 acres
of land which was all woods. About 1861-2 he built a brick house & most
of his second family were raised in it. When he died the land was
divided up between his children. Lucinda & Frank got the land with the
brick house on it & they sold it in about 2 years to Thomas Earl, about
1885. Grafton moved to Iowa & bought 400 acres there & four of his
children by his first wife settled in Iowa with him.
Grafton married half sisters, Mary Elizabeth Shaull (by whom he had 8
children and who died at the age of 32) and Catharine Shaull, both
daughters of David Shaull by different wives.
Census of 1850, State of Ohio, Seneca County, Pleasant Township, page
316, shows Dwelling No. 128, Family No. 128:
Grafton SHETENHELM, age 37, M, Farmer, Birthplace: Md
George SHETENHELM, age 14, M, Birthplace: OH
Cathern SHETENHELM, age 26, F, Birthplace: VA
Henry SHETENHELM, age 12, M, Birthplace: OH
Reuben SHETENHELM, age 10, M, Birthplace: OH
James SHETENHELM, age 9, M, Birthplace: OH
Elizabeth SHETENHELM, age 7, F, Birthplace: OH
Thomas SHETENHELM, age 3, M, Birthplace: OH
Jacob SHETENHELM, age 1, M, Birthplace: OH
woman Mary S. Shedenhelm‏
Born ‎ Jan 3, 1817 at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Aug 21, 1877 at Seneca Co., OH‎, 60 years, buried ‎ at Fravel Cemetery, Tiffin, Seneca Co., OH
Alias: /Lyza/
REFN: 642
woman Barbara E. Shedenhelm‏
Born ‎ May 1821 at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Aug 11, 1867 at Seneca County, OH‎, 46 years
REFN: 643