man Edwin Augustine Simmons‏‎, son of Baker Howard Simmons and Teresa Ann Jarboe‏.
Born ‎ Feb 20, 1845 at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Jan 2, 1921 at Iowa Co., IA‎, 75 years
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Obituary: Another member of Marengo's older generation passed away when
Edwin Augustine Simmons answered the final summons on Sunday morning
January 2, at two o'clock at the home of his son-in-law and daughter,
Mrs. and Mrs. Clarence Brown.
Mr. Simmons was born in Emmettsburg, Frederick county, Maryland, on
the twentieth day of February, 1845. He was the son of Baker Howard and
Therese Ann Jarboe Simmons. His father was a wealthy slaveholder and he
owner of large plantations. ****
Besides inheriting the distinguished traditions of his ancestors,
Mr. Simmons had all the appearance of a gentleman of the old school --
tall, erect, handsome even in the last days of his life. He was a devout
member of that faith, the members of which were the first to grant
religious toleration to all when the land of his nativity was first
colonized and on April 18, 1880, he was united in marriage with Miss Ann
Kenely of Baltimore, Md by the Rev. James Gibbons, then a young priest
and now the venerable Cardinal Archbishop of Baltimore. To that union
three children were born: Raymond Howard, Mary Florence, now Mrs.
Clarence Brown, and Edwin Kenely. The young mother was called from the
little brood when the last child was but nine days old and to Mr. Simmons
was left the sorrowful and arduous task of rearing his little ones
alone. In 1887 he came to Marengo and engaged in farming, since retiring
from active life several years ago he has made his home with his
daughter, Mrs. Clarence Brown.
Father Carroll delivered a touching and beautiful eulogy upon the
life of the departed man. He recalled Mr. Simmons as a high type of
Christian manhood and an example to be followed by those who will cherish
his memory. He urged the bereaved friends and relatives to cleave to the
path of right and duty as the dead man had always adhered to the
teachings of the faith in which he was born and reared and remained
faithful all the days of his life and in whose rich spiritual
consolations he passed peacefully from this earth.
(NOTE: The date given for marriage above is incorrect. That is the date
of the death of his wife, Ann. Also the obituaries for both Mervin &
Edwin state that they were descended from Captain Ethan Allen of
Revolutionary War fame. This is not correct. Their father's sister,
Belinda, was married to Rev. Mervin Allen, who had a brother Ethan Allen,
who became an Episcopalian minister in Washington, but he was not the
Ethan Allen of Revolutionary War fame.)

Married ‎ May 27, 1874 at Frederick Co., MD (5 years married) to:

woman Annie Kenely‏‎
Died ‎ Apr 18, 1880
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man Raymond Howard Simmons‏
Born ‎ May 27, 1875 at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Mar 22, 1954 at Marengo, Iowa Co., IA‎, 78 years
REFN: 242
woman Mary Florence Simmons‏
Born ‎ May 20, 1877 at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Sep 12, 1968 at Iowa County, IA‎, 91 years
Alias: Mary /Florence/
REFN: 243
man Edwin Kenely Simmons‏
Born ‎ Apr 9, 1880 at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Oct 23, 1983 at Marengo, Iowa Co., IA‎
REFN: 241
103 years old when he died