man Baker Howard Simmons‏‎, son of John Howard Simmons, Col. and Eleanor Howard‏.
Born ‎ Oct 25, 1806 at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Aug 31, 1884 at Urbana, Frederick Co., MD‎, 77 years, buried ‎ 1884 at Zion Episcopal Church Cemetery, Frederick, MD
REFN: 169
The children of Baker Howard Simmons & Teresa Jarboe were sons: Mervin,
Will, John, Ed, Clarence, Charles, Alonzo and daughters: Ida & Clara.,
and one daughter who died. These children left Park Mills, MD in 1887
and settled on a farm near Marengo, Iowa.
Maryland Census 1850, lists Simmons, Baker H. Frederick Co., MD, page
234, Buckeystown District, Federal Population Schedule, Database: MD1850
Federal Census Index, ID
Baker Howard Simmons' grave is right off I-270 in Urbana, Maryland. Zion
Episcopal Church burned down about 1920. The stone walls of the church
are still standing (2000) and there is Baker's grave right by the church
Baker Howard Simmons was the godson of General John Eager Howard, of the
Revolutionary War

Married ‎ Jun 8, 1837 at Zion Eposcopal, Frederick Co., MD (47 years married) to:

woman Teresa Ann Jarboe‏‎, daughter of William B. Jarboe and Laura Ann Atwood‏.
Born ‎ Mar 9, 1818 at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Jul 16, 1897 at Iowa Co., IA‎, 79 years, buried ‎ 1897 at I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Marengo, Iowa Co., IA
REFN: 88
Buried Marengo, IA cemetery close to her brother (James W. Jarboe )& son,
Mervin Allen Simmons.
Theresa Jarboe Simmons was of the aristocratic old family of Jarboes,
whose history is linked with chronicles of the Confederacy and
particularly the state of Maryland. The Jarboes were among those who
with Lord Baltimore colonized St. Mary's County.
Teresa's obituary states that Theresa A. Jarboe was born in Frederick
Co., MD, where she married Baker H. Simmons, of the same county & state &
where they lived until 1881, when her husband died, leaving surviving him
the wife and nine children, seven sons & two daughters, most of whom had
removed from the old homestead and located in Iowa prior to the death of
their father. In 1887 the remainder of the family composed of Mrs.
Simmons, James W. Jarboe - her brother-, two sons, one daughter & three
grandchildren had removed to Iowa and located on a farm near Marengo,
where the deceased resided to the date of her death. She was survived
by her one brother, James W. Jarboe, seven sons and one daughter, all of
whom, except C.E. Simmons, her youngest son, who resides in Denver Col.,
were present during her illness and death. Teresa was forty-one times a
grandmother and ten times a great-grandmother. About two weeks prior to
her death, while in the enjoyment of her usual good health, she was
suddenly stricken with paralysis of the entire left side of her body.
She remained in a helpless condition from the moment she was stricken,
yet she retained the power of speech and was conscious to the hour of her



woman Anna Maria Simmons‏‎
Born ‎ Oct 19, 1837 at Buckeystown, Frederick Co., MD‎
REFN: 1858
man John Baker Simmons‏
Born ‎ Mar 28, 1839 at Buckeystown, Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Sep 19, 1924 at Marengo, Iowa Co., IA‎, 85 years, buried ‎ at I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Marengo, Iowa Co., IA
REFN: 196
From Obituary: Mr. Simmons came to Iowa in 1864, after a few months in
Iowa City, he located near Williamsburg and was there married to Mary S.
Long on Nov. 27, 1868. Seven children were born to them all but one of
whom are living. Mr. and Mrs. Simmons came to live in Marengo in 1910
and have made the place their home since that date.
man Glenville Simmons‏‎
Born ‎ Feb 19, 1841 at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Mar 7, 1899 at Washington Township, Iowa Co., IA‎, 58 years, buried ‎ 1899 at St. Josephs Cemetery. Occupation: ‎ at Farmer;
Cause of Death: General debility
REFN: 198
Never married. Glen lived with his uncle, James Simmons,who was an
auctioneer while still in Maryland. James had left some money to Glen
when he died. Glen was drafted twice while in Maryland for the Civil
War, by the North, but was exempted on account of his health.
man Mervin Allen Simmons‏
Born ‎ Mar 10, 1843 at Edinburgh, MD, died ‎ Aug 29, 1920 at Iowa Co., IA‎, 77 years. Occupation: ‎ at Merchant;
REFN: 163
Mervin Allen Simmons was the namesake of his Uncle, Rev. Mervin Allen.
(Family legends named Rev. Mervin Allen as a brother of Ethan Allen of
Revolutionary War fame. While Rev. Mervin Allen had a brother, Ethan
Allen, he was not the famous Revolutionary War hero, this Ethan Allen was
born in 1780 and was an Episcopalian minister in Washington. Mervin and
this Ethan Allen were the sons of Asahel Allen.)
From Obituary: One of the largest funerals held in Marengo during recent
years occurred on Tuesday morning August 31, at St. Patrick's church when
the last rites were performed for Mervin Allen Simmons. A distinguished
assembly of friends and relatives from all over Iowa County gathered at
the church and business houses and professional offices were closed
during the fore noon as a mark of respect to the man who was a pioneer in
the material welfare and the moral ideals of this section of Iowa. ****
In 1861, Mr. Simmons, imbued with the true pioneer spirit left the
affluence and luxury of life in the south for the rigors and wilderness
of the prairie. In 1866 he was married at Iowa City in old St. Mary's
church to Miss Mary B. Agnew, the daughter of two Iowa pioneers, who had
also come westward from the Old Line State. To this union were born
twelve children, nine of whom are still living. They are Mrs. E.E.
Brunell of Minneapolis, Mrs. W.B. Johnson of Davenport, Mrs. Myrene
Shedenhelm of Gowrie, Iowa, Mrs. Arthur Brown of Marengo, Miss Therese
Simmons of Marengo, Ray Simmons, Mark Simmons, Paul Simmons of Marengo
and C.J. Simmons of Williamsburg. Besides a large number of
grandchildren and great grandchildren, Mr. Simmons is also survived by
three brothers and one sister, John, Edwin and William Simmons and Mrs.
Ida Wanamaker.
Mr. Simmons was a leader in his community and for many years was
active in every forward movement for the benefit of Marengo. He was a
marksman with a state wide reputation and was a promoter of every
wholesome sort of sport. As a young man his religious convictions were
so strong as to always reflect the spirit of "the land of this sanctuary"
whence he hailed. For a number of years in his early manhood before any
house of worship had been erected in Marengo, it was his custom to attend
mass beneath a large and ancient tree. His wife's former pastor, the
Rev. Peter Emonds, came weekly on horseback from Iowa City, to minister
to the spiritual needs of the little flock of which Mr. Simmons was a
devout and ardent member.
Father Hannon who read the comforting message of the days epistle
taken from St. Paul to the Corinthians also paid a rich tribute to the
memory of the dead man. He recalled Mr. Simmons many sterling qualities
as a community leader, an upright citizen and a pioneer in Christian and
national ideals. Father Hannon paid equal homage to the manner in which
he lived in relation to his fellow man and to his warm and earnest
convictions with regard to the religion of his mother which he early
embraced and in which he lived and died. Mr. Simmons example as a model
citizen and a Christian gentleman was one as worthy of emulation as it is
choice in remembrance. The service was closed with brief prayers for the
dead and in Calvary cemetery, one of Marengo's grand old patriarchs was
lowered to his last rest by his four sons, Ray, Mark, Paul and C.J.
Simmons and his two grandsons, Mervin Brown and Lloyd Simmons.
man Edwin Augustine Simmons‏
Born ‎ Feb 20, 1845 at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Jan 2, 1921 at Iowa Co., IA‎, 75 years
REFN: 206
Obituary: Another member of Marengo's older generation passed away when
Edwin Augustine Simmons answered the final summons on Sunday morning
January 2, at two o'clock at the home of his son-in-law and daughter,
Mrs. and Mrs. Clarence Brown.
Mr. Simmons was born in Emmettsburg, Frederick county, Maryland, on
the twentieth day of February, 1845. He was the son of Baker Howard and
Therese Ann Jarboe Simmons. His father was a wealthy slaveholder and he
owner of large plantations. ****
Besides inheriting the distinguished traditions of his ancestors,
Mr. Simmons had all the appearance of a gentleman of the old school --
tall, erect, handsome even in the last days of his life. He was a devout
member of that faith, the members of which were the first to grant
religious toleration to all when the land of his nativity was first
colonized and on April 18, 1880, he was united in marriage with Miss Ann
Kenely of Baltimore, Md by the Rev. James Gibbons, then a young priest
and now the venerable Cardinal Archbishop of Baltimore. To that union
three children were born: Raymond Howard, Mary Florence, now Mrs.
Clarence Brown, and Edwin Kenely. The young mother was called from the
little brood when the last child was but nine days old and to Mr. Simmons
was left the sorrowful and arduous task of rearing his little ones
alone. In 1887 he came to Marengo and engaged in farming, since retiring
from active life several years ago he has made his home with his
daughter, Mrs. Clarence Brown.
Father Carroll delivered a touching and beautiful eulogy upon the
life of the departed man. He recalled Mr. Simmons as a high type of
Christian manhood and an example to be followed by those who will cherish
his memory. He urged the bereaved friends and relatives to cleave to the
path of right and duty as the dead man had always adhered to the
teachings of the faith in which he was born and reared and remained
faithful all the days of his life and in whose rich spiritual
consolations he passed peacefully from this earth.
(NOTE: The date given for marriage above is incorrect. That is the date
of the death of his wife, Ann. Also the obituaries for both Mervin &
Edwin state that they were descended from Captain Ethan Allen of
Revolutionary War fame. This is not correct. Their father's sister,
Belinda, was married to Rev. Mervin Allen, who had a brother Ethan Allen,
who became an Episcopalian minister in Washington, but he was not the
Ethan Allen of Revolutionary War fame.)
man Charles Alonzo Simmons‏
Born ‎ Aug 1, 1847 at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Sep 2, 1907 at Hospital for Insane, Mt. Pleasant, IA‎, 60 years, buried ‎ at I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Marengo, Iowa Co., IA
Alias: /Lon/
REFN: 208
C.A. Simmons was judged to be of unsound mind and Mervin A. Simmons was
appointed his guardian in 1904. There were court proceedings to sell
property of "Lon". Lon was an heir of Baker Howard, Theresa Jarboe
Simmons and Glenville, his deceased brother, who had never married.
From obituary: For over forty years he had called Marengo his home, and
was among its earliest pioneer business men. He had many warm friends
who regret to hear of his demise. Sixty years ago on August 1st, 1847,
he was born in Frederick County, Md. Here he grew up, came west, and
settled in Iowa City, finally coming to Marengo, Iowa. In 1872, he was
married to Miss Mary A. Sinks, of Marengo, who died last December. The
living children are, C.M., Florence, and Lucille, all of Chicago, and
Mrs. E. H. Karsten, of this city.
man William Heald Simmons‏
Born ‎ Jan 28, 1851 at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Jul 24, 1936 at Marengo, Iowa Co., IA‎, 85 years, buried ‎ at Calvary Cemetery, Marengo, Iowa Co., IA
REFN: 210
Obituary for Will H. Simmons says that he passed away in Marengo at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. Floerschinger. He was born on a farm near
Frederick, Maryland and here he lived until 1874 when he came to Marengo,
Iowa and here he made his home until his death, excepting one hear he
lived in South Dakota. It was here he was united in marriage to his
wife, who passed away in Marengo on September 11, 1923. He spent 61
years in Marengo, and during these three score years he never lacked the
esteem of his friends, came of a prominent family line, extending down
close to the Colonial period, and he was always proud of the history of
his native state. His life in Iowa County was the life of a good
citizen, a gentleman always, he held that the flowers of peace between
neighbors was the richest blessing known to the children of man.
man Clarence E. Simmons‏
Born ‎± ABT. 1853 at Maryland, died ‎± ABT. 1911 at Denver, Co‎, approximately 58 years
REFN: 212
Clarence was a wood engraver. He worked at that trade in different
cities, first going to Chicago from Marengo.
woman Ida May Simmons‏
Born ‎ Sep 24, 1856 at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Apr 8, 1948 at Marengo, Iowa Co., IA‎, 91 years
REFN: 214
Obituary for Ida May Wanamaker says that she was the youngest and last of
a family of nine children and one of the city's oldest residents when she
passed away at the age of 91. She came with a group of her brothers and
sisters from Park Mills, MD, in 1887 and settled on a farm near Marengo,
IA. Her father was a wealthy slaveholder and owner of a large plantation.
woman Clara Simmons‏
Born ‎ at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Mar 24, 1893 at Iowa Co., IA, buried ‎ at Calvary Cemetery, Marengo, Iowa Co., IA
REFN: 216
Obituary in the Marengo Republican 3-29-1893.
Clara died of tuberculosis at the age of 33. She had come out to Iowa
to a farm a short while before her mother, uncle, brothers and cousins
came. She died when Jessie was about 6 and Lester was 8. Her husband
left the Marengo area a short while after her death and hadn't been heard
of for a long time. M.A. Mullin adopted Jessie & Lester made his home
with his grandmother, Theresa Jarboe Simmons until her death. Jessie
became a stenographer for the Minneapolis Drug Company of Minneapolis and
Lester became an assistant cashier for the Adams Express Company,
Minneapolis. Lester married a French girl by the name of Alice Dupont,
who was a dressmaker in Minneapolis, in September 1912. They had one
child, Dorothy, who was born in June 1914.
In the 1881 newspaper of Marengo, Miss Clara Simmons of Frederick,
Maryland came to Marengo in September of 1881 to visit her brothers and
left mid December of 1881 for her home in Maryland