woman Clara Simmons‏‎, daughter of Baker Howard Simmons and Teresa Ann Jarboe‏.
Born ‎ at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Mar 24, 1893 at Iowa Co., IA, buried ‎ at Calvary Cemetery, Marengo, Iowa Co., IA
REFN: 216
Obituary in the Marengo Republican 3-29-1893.
Clara died of tuberculosis at the age of 33. She had come out to Iowa
to a farm a short while before her mother, uncle, brothers and cousins
came. She died when Jessie was about 6 and Lester was 8. Her husband
left the Marengo area a short while after her death and hadn't been heard
of for a long time. M.A. Mullin adopted Jessie & Lester made his home
with his grandmother, Theresa Jarboe Simmons until her death. Jessie
became a stenographer for the Minneapolis Drug Company of Minneapolis and
Lester became an assistant cashier for the Adams Express Company,
Minneapolis. Lester married a French girl by the name of Alice Dupont,
who was a dressmaker in Minneapolis, in September 1912. They had one
child, Dorothy, who was born in June 1914.
In the 1881 newspaper of Marengo, Miss Clara Simmons of Frederick,
Maryland came to Marengo in September of 1881 to visit her brothers and
left mid December of 1881 for her home in Maryland

Married to:

man Townshend Dade‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER


man Lester Dade‏
Born ‎ Jun 15, 1884, died ‎ Oct 13, 1973‎, 89 years
REFN: 74
woman Jessie Dade‏
Born ‎± ABT. 1887‎
REFN: 75
After her mother's death, Jessie (about age 6) was adopted by Mark A. &
Ella Butler Mullin. Mark taught school and was County Superintendent of
Schools. Ella was the daughter of William and Anne Hanson Butler,
residents of the Parnell community. Ella and Mark had Mary Laurine,
Margaret, James B. & William as children of their own. In late September
of 1894 they moved to Sibley, Osceola Co., IA.