man Charles Alonzo Simmons‏‎, son of Baker Howard Simmons and Teresa Ann Jarboe‏.
Born ‎ Aug 1, 1847 at Frederick Co., MD, died ‎ Sep 2, 1907 at Hospital for Insane, Mt. Pleasant, IA‎, 60 years, buried ‎ at I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Marengo, Iowa Co., IA
Alias: /Lon/
REFN: 208
C.A. Simmons was judged to be of unsound mind and Mervin A. Simmons was
appointed his guardian in 1904. There were court proceedings to sell
property of "Lon". Lon was an heir of Baker Howard, Theresa Jarboe
Simmons and Glenville, his deceased brother, who had never married.
From obituary: For over forty years he had called Marengo his home, and
was among its earliest pioneer business men. He had many warm friends
who regret to hear of his demise. Sixty years ago on August 1st, 1847,
he was born in Frederick County, Md. Here he grew up, came west, and
settled in Iowa City, finally coming to Marengo, Iowa. In 1872, he was
married to Miss Mary A. Sinks, of Marengo, who died last December. The
living children are, C.M., Florence, and Lucille, all of Chicago, and
Mrs. E. H. Karsten, of this city.

Married to:

woman Mary Sinks‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER


woman Edith Lucille Simmons‏
Born ‎± ABT. 1882‎
REFN: 36
woman Florence M. Simmons‏
Born ‎± ABT. 1883‎
REFN: 39
woman Marjorie Simmons‏
Born ‎ Sep 2, 1873 at Marengo, Iowa Co., IA, died ‎ Dec 25, 1954 at Marengo, Iowa Co., IA‎, 81 years
Alias: /Madge/
REFN: 34
woman Regina Simmons‏‎
Born ‎ 1877 at Marengo, Iowa Co., IA, died ‎ 1878 at Marengo, Iowa Co., IA‎, 0 or 1 years
REFN: 38
man Charles Melville Simmons‏‎
Born ‎± ABT. 1879‎
Alias: /Mell/
REFN: 2275
woman Stella B. Simmons‏‎
Born ‎ 1884 at Marengo, Iowa Co., IA, died ‎ 1885 at Marengo, Iowa Co., IA‎, 0 or 1 years
REFN: 2276
man Glenville Simmons‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER